Cloud Syncing: A Big Ado About Functionality In Google Play Game’s New Release

Cloud Syncing: a Big Ado about Functionality in Google Play Game’s New Release

According to leaks on the Big Spider, the world of gaming is getting a new face that may perhaps eclipse existing applications like the iOS Gaming Center if Google Play Games comes mid-May, with a cloud-synchronization feature, among a ton more stats. Allegedly, the company is on course to prove that it is ‘much ado about everything’ rather than the Shakespearian negation of ‘much ado about nothing,’ when it syncs the google-play with its cannon of existing services. Google+, its web-based mail, and Android OS are all part and parcel of how Google Play’s gaming wing will operate.

Cloud and Google: Syncing Abilities

Hitherto, serious perpetrators of the gaming platform have been employing a dead app, which has been lying dormant under the Play Services option. The only lacking thing was that it was not in one with the settings’ icon that also incorporates Gmail and the company’s mandatory networking site, among others. Now, it appears like not only will this cloud-syncing application embed into the new settings, but will come with its novel adapter.

The element of the soft adapter will be an added glory for hounds of tech devices. They will be saving their previous gaming sessions in one tablet and accessing them on phone, or another gadget, still ‘live.’ This is the first time that the Internet giant has made the gaming niche to operate fully on its cloud computing dispensation.

Analysts are touting that the very entry of the platform into more than just online but server storage functionality, is a curtain raiser for players who have the gusto to stay long. Indeed, even before the official launch of this update, resilient enthusiasts who play for hours on end, are forwarding their gratitude for the new app which will allow them extend play. The element of saving sessions and beginning where one left on a remote server is some great development worth the time of a play king who is more than a spectator.

Other Developments

Cloud is not just the big earner of the spoils by the father company, Google, for other existing services are getting a share, too. It appears kike Google+ might be the luckiest networking site that ever passed the gates of the Internet throne. For now, it will be impossible not to work on Google Play Games without having an account on this networking portal. The same case applies to Gmail users, who oblige to have an account, irrespective of their wishes, soon as they sign into the web mail.

There are some significant ways in which G+ will matter to the cloud observer. One of these is the fact that it will be possible to put a limit to the kind of invitees who can observe, reconnoiter or play with one. This points out to the use of free widgets that, in a normal situation, control the kind of messages one would like to filter in or out of a blog message forum, for example. Through the networking site, too, it will be possible to expand and shrink chat pals, form and disband playmate-chat rooms, and do a horde

more. Another cloud plus is that the chat element of real-time engagement will become a worthy embedment: it will be possible to manage settings for quick notifications, meaning that, in one’s chat circles, it will be impossible for a game to pass by without receiving the news on the same.

Leaderboards is another attachment that will be worthy of a look, by a cloud hound, in the new gaming update. It will be both public and private. For the one, it will be possible to manage a ubiquitous folder for whichever position one currently ranks in the leaderboards, each seven days, or so, while, for the other,the user can keep scores that are not impressive in the private folder. Of course, G+ will be the center stage of all this because it will optimize the public and private folders, accordingly.

In a word, it is time that the gaming technology received a new kid in the block. It will be cloud-based, meaning extended time between supporting devices, and great saves for continuing play another time. This, of course, will become official when Google meets, and possibly unveils Google Play Games, mid-May, San Francisco, on the West Coast.

By John Omwamba

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