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First High Performance Cloud Benchmarks Unveiled

First High Performance Cloud Benchmarks Unveiled

Study highlights need for transparency in the cloud

Dallas – May 14, 2013 Until now, there have been very little verifiable, objective cloud performance benchmarks. FireHost, the secure cloud hosting company, has again bridged an important gap for enterprises that require a cloud they can trust before they’ll even consider moving production workloads to the cloud.  To give IT stakeholders some genuine, meaningful and independently verified data about cloud performance, FireHost and six other leading cloud hosting providers were benchmarked by an independent, third-party research firm in a series of extensive tests to provide a head-to-head comparison. FireHost created several impactful infographics that depict the market and business drivers for high performance cloud in healthcare, payments and more general IT environments.

As enterprises migrate to the cloud it is critical that they consider the right metrics that will have positive returns on investment without impairing performance in speed, flexibility, reliability, control, efficiency and costs,” said Chris Wiles, CTO of Zeta Compliance Technologies. “This kind of performance comes down to designing an infrastructure that is top spec in absolutely every department, which is why we chose FireHost as out hosting partner.”

Three factors were individually tested to measure server performance – processor, memory and storage – and each were evaluated working jointly during workloads for an overall server performance grade. A bare-metal dedicated server was used as a benchmark control. FireHost scored highest in all areas including overall server performance, outperforming Amazon Web Services EC2, Dell vCloud, HP Cloud, Microsoft Azure, Rackspace Cloud Express and Terremark vCloud. Only three out of the seven cloud providers scored higher than the dedicated server in average overall server performance*.

Performance is the game-changing metric that no one talks about because it’s difficult and expensive to measure,” said Todd Gleason, Director of Technology for FireHost. “Many cloud infrastructures were built with a single focus on price point, but FireHost serves enterprises with critical services that have more sophisticated considerations and realize that a number of factors beyond the invoice from your cloud hosting provider impact the total cost to own a IaaS solution.”

The performance benchmark study offers IT stakeholders a great deal of much needed transparency before committing to a fully managed IaaS provider. The report demonstrates that not all clouds are created equal and provides a baseline to help improve predictions on how critical, production applications will perform once in a cloud infrastructure. For example, the processor, memory and storage of a high performance cloud infrastructure can produce double the efficiency with fewer resources than commodity clouds. The total cost of ownership can be considerably lower with a high performance cloud, than with a lower performing, commodity cloud option as well.

FireHost has always carved a unique path in the secure cloud category, focusing first on enterprise-grade security and backing it up with a high performance cloud, demanded by enterprises for production workloads,” said Chris Drake, founder and CEO of FireHost.

Additional information on FireHost’s secure, high-performance cloud services and a copy of the benchmarking study can be obtained from FireHost.

*For overall server performance testing, the benchmark observed how the server groups fared using real-life workloads, measuring the holistic performance of coordinated operations between memory, processor and storage. The control server specifications included a Dell PowerEdge server configured with 16GB DDR3 1066Mhz memory, dual quad core Intel Xeon E5506 2.13GHz processors and 2.5” Seagate SAS 15K RPM drives.

About FireHost

FireHost offers the most secure cloud hosting available, protecting sensitive data and brand reputations of some of the largest companies in the world. With infrastructure built for security, compliance, performance and scalability, responsible businesses choose FireHost to reduce risk and improve the collection, storage and transmission of their most confidential data. Secure cloud servers, available in Dallas, Phoenix, London and Amsterdam, offer robust, geographically redundant business continuity options across all sites. Based in Dallas and funded by The Stephens Group, FireHost is the chosen secure cloud service provider for brands that won’t compromise on the security of their payment card and healthcare data.

Company Contact:

Cathi Lane
+1.877.262.3473 x. 8133

Editorial Contact:

Sarah Hawley
Ubiquity Public Relations

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