Has The Cloud Stepped Out Of Infancy?

Has The Cloud Stepped Out Of Infancy?

Has The Cloud Stepped Out of Infancy? (And How You Can Benefit From Its Growth)


When we speak of cloud computing, we often speak of its relative infancy. We cite the lack of standards, the lack of understanding, the limited adoption as symptoms of cloud computing’s newness in the technological landscape. While the cloud may still be young when compared to its much-older peers, a recent survey commissioned by CA Technologies indicates that it may have stepped out of infancy.

The survey, titled Cloud Succeeds. Now What? and conducted by Luth Research and Vanson Bourne, revealed that the American cloud market is relatively mature, and hence, concentrates more on the speed to innovation aspect of the cloud rather than cost savings, which is the focus of the younger European market. In fact, cost reduction did not even make the list of the top three objectives in the US. cloud-success

One of the most important takeaways from the survey is that cloud computing is not only delivering on its major promises of saving money and speeding time-to-market, but also exceeding expectations. At least that’s what 98% of the respondents said. This has been a pleasant surprise for CA Technologies CTO. “Going in, we expected the results to be much more balanced between successes and challenges across a variety of deployments and service models. Surprisingly, survey respondents were pleased with their cloud computing initiatives, which validates that the cloud is not just a fad, and instead they are focusing on making the most of it to drive innovation, speed and performance,” he said.

These encouraging results are prompting businesses to spend more on cloud computing. Companies that have been benefiting from the cloud for at least four years are almost six times more likely (34% compared to 6%) to report that they are increasing cloud spending by more than 30% in 2013. Also, US companies lead their European counterparts in projected cloud spending by a significant amount.

The survey also threw up an interesting contradiction of sorts. While one-third of the respondents indicated “security has been less of an issue than originally thought,” 46% cited security concerns as the primary reason that an application is not moved into the cloud.

The full CA Technology survey report is available here.

With regards to this survey and the long-term benefits of cloud computing, here are a few free information assets that can help you leverage this technology for maximum gains. Importantly, they address different aspects of business – from Big Data to Contact Centers, from Networks to Infrastructure Design, from Mobile Workforce to Innovation at the Workplace, here’s how you can do it better on the Cloud.

By Sourya Biswas

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