Want To Keep Your Employees Happy AND Improve Productivity?

Want To Keep Your Employees Happy AND Improve Productivity? Implement a Mobile Workforce

(6 Free Assets to Help You Get There)

We live in a Digital Age, and what are the most popular digital devices in use nowadays?

  1. The personal computing device – laptop, tablet, etc.

  2. The personal communication device – mobile phones.

  3. The personal entertainment device – iPod, Zune, etc,

As you can see, they share one important characteristic – MOBILITY!

It’s understandable that the corporate world is looking to tap into the immense potential of a mobile workforce, with BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) emerging as a popular acronym in the business lexicon. However, mobility and flexible access bring with them unique challenges in terms of interoperability and security. Here are some free information assets that can make your task easier.

1. As IT research goes, it doesn’t get more credible than Forrester. Moreover, it’s always easier to learn by example. This Forrester report titled Building a Pervasive Corporate Mobile Competency provides insight into how 25 organizations are building their corporate mobile initiatives.

2. Going a bit deeper into how to achieve an effective mobile workforce without compromising on security, this paper titled Deliver Unparalleled Business Advantage With BYOD – A Holistic Approach demonstrates a holistic approach to BYOD. It explains how you can unleash the full potential of mobility – greater productivity, flexibility, and better economics – by unifying secure device access, user authentication, provisioning, and management.

3. We at CloudTweaks believe that for many modern technological platforms, the cloud version can offer certain advantages that installed versions cannot. This paper titled Cloud Q&A: What it means to have a cloud-based solution for mobile workforce optimization answers the most common questions about cloud-based software solutions for field service management.

4. If you are convinced of the utility of a mobile workforce and need to sell the idea to the Board, here’s an executive summary titled Mobile Workforce with No Hassle that can greatly help you make your case. This short 2-page paper delivers all the important points in a concise and precise format.

5. Mobility in the workplace is highly dependent on the communication technologies you have in place. Here’s a chart titled Compare the Top 74 Business Phone Systems that allows you to quickly see differences between brands like Avaya, Mitel, Cisco, ShoreTel, 8×8, Panasonic, etc and compare over 74 phone systems by 34 brands for small to enterprise businesses.

6. Finally, if we’re talking communications, we cannot but talk of communications on the cloud. This paper titled The Cost Advantages of Using a Hosted Unified Communications Service compares the costs and functionality of using a hosted unified communications (UC) system “in the cloud” versus investing in an on-site “premises-based” system.

A mobile workforce can definitely improve employee morale, which in turn leads to improved customer service. If you missed last week’s newsletter on customer engagement, do check out the related article Working with Customers and the Cloud.

By Sourya Biswas

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