Yet Another Vendor Specific Certification, AWS Rolls Out New Certification Program

Yet Another Vendor Specific Certification, AWS Rolls Out New Certification Program

Yet Another Vendor Specific Certification, AWS Rolls Out New Certification Program


The lack of specific standards to govern cloud computing, along with security concerns is often one of the reasons cited by those that put it aside in favor of traditional enterprise and datacenter applications. But industry leaders in cloud computing are starting to fill this void with different certification levels intended for specific positions within the cloud infrastructure, albeit for their own specific flavors of cloud computing. Cloud adaption rates are increasing every year because most companies out there make use of a cloud service in one way or another. This is yet another badge that employees can pin on their resumes and use to coerce present and future employers to part with larger sums of cash.

Amazon Web Services announced their new Global Certification Program which will designate individuals who exhibit skills, knowledge and proficiency with AWS systems and technology. The program is intended for the three primary roles associated with the delivery of cloud-based solutions: the Developer, SysOps Administrator and Solutions Architect. There are three proficiency levels: Associate, Professional and Master. The Master level, according to my pop culture knowledge, would probably require the examinee to defeat someone of Master level first before being recognized as one.

Certification is awarded to successful exam passers and will allow them to display the AWS Certified logo on their business cards. The exams are given through Kryterion testing centers which are present in more than 100 countries with 750 testing locations worldwide. The very first offered certification will be for the Architect labeled as “AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate Level.” Certification for the Administrator and Developer is said to follow later in the year.

So for those people who prefer to use AWS for your work, you probably want to work with companies that use it too. So it goes without saying that this certification is essential for your career.

By Abdul Salam

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