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Big Topics Rule Upcoming Cloud Conferences

Big Topics Rule Upcoming Cloud Conferences On Both Sides Of The Atlantic

In California, US and London, in the UK, some of the leading cloud computing summits are happening during this month. Interestingly, both will spawn follow-up conferences in later months of the year. The topics range from mundane cloud themes worthy of tech-class debates such as vendor-end-user relationship, to dynamic big data discussions. As has always been the case with similar conferences, there will be a cluster of keynote representatives from the vendor, innovator and end-user sides.

The London Conferences

The UK cloud expo will attract over ten thousand stakeholders who will all have something to share in the two days that the conference will last between the 27th and 28th of the month. The expo is international in scope, sourcing its headliners from across the tech community of the planet, two hundred of which apparently have a speech each to make.

Among the issues that will command the show are big data, collocation and the innovations that are current to the sector. The attendants will also broach upon the emergence of big data in the company context. This will also offer a platform for interpersonal integration between stakeholders, like vendors, and the clients of their products on how to develop lasting entrepreneurial rapport between them.

The US Conferences

The rollercoaster of California cloud computing summits, this month, have a more national outlook than the London one. Though most will happen in the Golden State, mainly in Santa Clara, there are also two or so exceptions on the East Coast, including one happening in Boston, Massachusetts. Organizers of one of the Santa Clara meetings say that they aim to provide a treasure-trove of information on big data, from a workshop presentation methodology. There is more than meets the eye in the discussion, which will span the chronological development of the various products, the definition of evolving terms in cloud computing, while not forgetting to strategize on the way ahead for the sector.

Cloudification,’ as the US organizers are calling one of the conferences will be able to help organizations adapt to the cloud readily. This will be through conjoining Information Technology structures with those of big data and compute infrastructure.

Interestingly, one of the meetings will also have a web-based discussion forum to ensure that foreign participants can still follow the discussions without necessarily landing on a physical meeting venue. Each discussion thread, as happens with such conferences, is already published to enable participants to fall easily into the debate.

Summits have been a part and parcel of the growth of cloud computing since they corroborate the fact that brick-and-mortar business cannot do without compute resources today. This is because of the cheap software resources, accessibility of data, and pay-as-you-use model that creates efficiency and promotes fair use policies. The conferences also help reinforce the emerging collaborative cloud that brings together IT departments with computing experts. The London summit, for example, seeks to cover the entrepreneurial part of Information Technology even as it seeks to crunch the real big data.

By John Omwamba

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