Iowa Campus Swaps Telephone For Cloud VOIP

Iowa Campus Swaps Telephone For Cloud VOIP

Iowa Campus Swaps Telephone For Cloud VOIP

Traditionally, campuses would vaunt thousands of cell phone sets with equivalent switchboards and Iowa University has not been an exception to the rule, with its eight thousand handsets. Now, courtesy of cloud infrastructure that is creeping into its communication system, the institution of higher learning has a one-month marathon of trading old phones for VoIP-enabled devices. This means reducing the communication expenditure by six hundred thousand dollars per annum. This will also improve the way phone communication becomes an integral part of a larger network rather than just meaning a single device per office.

How the VoIP will Work

The university intends to replace telephone machines on the racks and bring in the cheaper yet efficient cloud calling system. The first advantage of the system is that it will forward, on an automated basis, calls to mobile devices of the staff. This will reduce the costly switchboard system of referencing with an operator. Secondly, the platform will upgrade the sketchy nucleus of communication in the campus. It will bring up a central calling ‘fabric’ as the management is referring to the platform. This will be the start of an integral web-based learning system which relies on one-on-one video or telephony connections.


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Apparently, this will also be the beginning of overboard communication network with other campuses, courtesy of the cloud Internet provider that the university has hired for the transition job. The online company serves a consortium of two hundred and twenty United States’ institutions of higher learning, and tens of state-based and federal companies. Thus, the will oversee the embracing of not only an advanced communication system but one that brings in the community around, automatically.

The replacement, so far, is going ahead of its feasibility period. Though Iowa campus intends to swap the systems at a thousand handsets, each seven days, as of June 17, it has nevertheless already replaced more than that number for the cloud system. This would mean that it is likely that the new framework will soon be in use.

Though there will be an installation phase of Internet cables throughout the campus, it is through the magic of technology that this development will not have an effect on wireless installations in the halls of residence. Usually, many campuses around the United States allow uncharged internet on boarding rooms where the learners can use their phones to make calls over the web. The company at the center of the transfer will use its technical expertise to overcome interference hitches that can botch up existing communication lines.

The Iowa example is a brilliant manifestation of how Internet and cloud-based communication channels are rapidly taking over the traditional threshold of the telephone. Now, transitioning between a cell phone and the web during a voice call is an automatic function that requires no troubleshooting. The cloud aspect means more institutions and community centers can exchange data over the interconnected line without resulting to handsets on desks. Cloud systems where a single university offers its library database to a consortium of neighboring campuses has been in vogue in the US for the last decade. This is after the integration of VoIP, cloud servers and campus databases to facilitate library information at cheap rates, with 24/7 access.

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