Tech Experts Advise Canada To Stop Playing Second Fiddle To The Spying Issue On Its Cloud

Tech Experts Advise Canada to Stop Playing Second Fiddle to the Spying Issue on Its Cloud

Since early last decade, 2001 to be exact, following the terrorist attacks on US soil, the Canadian cloud scene has seen the laws that followed the disaster play out against it. According to a recent cloud conference in Ottawa that had in attendance among others the world’s leading search company, it has emerged that the North American country is playing second fiddle, too much, to the US data spy bill. This is because companies in Canada feel that, since they use most of their compute service from the superpower down south, they are under its very talons of privacy infiltration.

Forget the Laws and move on

The 2001 bill that extended the ability of the United States to monitor data by its citizens abroad and, later, to users of its tech companies’ services, has been the center of this issue. It is for this reason that a tech expert in a Canadian American Business Council’s meeting, advised local companies, especially in the private sector, to forget about the Bill, however illegitimate, and go ahead.

The expert touted that while the companies in this country lag behind chewing the bone of espionage concerns, the rest of the world is making headway. He also explained that change is indispensible at such a time that the world cannot do without the cost-efficient, pay-as-you-use, phenomenon. Indeed, the world’s major providers of cloud services charge very little per each utility of services, including storage and hosting, in comparison with a firm establishing its own data facility.

The Canadian scheme is especially inspiring because of its proximity to the globe’s tech epicenter, and for that matter, compute services, the US. Most of the web-based mail, storage, innovation, and app-developer companies are all down across the Great Lakes region. This is why analysts are saying that the faster the Canadians left the scourge of spying behind and prioritized on associations and development, the better it will become for them.

Cloud Proliferation Everywhere

From the banking sector to higher education, and from government to the private sector, cloud computing is in the midst of every business in Canada, if not the rest of the planet. The rising demand for cloud services has shot beyond earlier surmises, from the fact that states can reduce their running expenses and so do private companies that seek efficient delivery of their data output. To make the outreach between end-users and tech giants greater than it is now, it has emerged that the providers are carving out new niches in which to clinch deals before their rivals do so. This is why in, Australia, for example, tech multinationals are already advising the state to embrace a national cloud framework, so that they can step in and prioritize on delivering a unique cloud ecosystem. This follows the announcement by the country that it has inched a step closer to fully embracing the sector in its existing ICT framework.

The most recent occurrence that led to further spy complications, is when the United States, in February 2013, said that it could track down, legally, all data that is under storage by any of its home service providers, regionally and offshore. It is upon this issue and similar others, that experts counsel on forgetting and moving on, because the law is not easy to review. Meanwhile, the administration in Canada has its in-house compute services, though only to a certain limit, for its HR and economical data niches. This ensures that it does not have to bear espionage suspicions all the time.

By John Omwamba


John posses over five years experience in professional writing; with special interests in business, technology and general media. Driven by passion and 'glowing' enthusiasm, he has covered topics cutting across diverse industries with key target audiences including corporates, marketing executives, researchers and global business leaders. John currently freelances for CloudTweaks as a frequent writer.

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