TV Goes Original On Xbox One Cloud Platform

TV Goes Original On Xbox One Cloud Platform

TV Goes Original On Xbox One Cloud Platform


There are two influences that have made the new gaming console, Xbox One, to go to traditional media to succor its audiences:

  1. Cloud computing has made it possible to relay a number of media from one station, in either live relay, playback streaming or as content with ads.

  2. The gaming realm has recently moved from consoles to more accessible and portable devices like mobile devices. This has necessitated Microsoft to appropriate new content for its console rather than mere games.

Cloud Computing, TV and Xbox One

There is nothing that compares to creating original programs that audiences have never had time to tire of. This is why Xbox One is beginning its own Halo TV. One of the programs is rooted in high movie creations for it is in the hands of legendary sci-fi blockbuster producer, Steven Spielberg. In May of the year, the crème de la crème of Microsoft told a top UK newspaper that this series is on its way in and will mesmerize audiences, but without much disclosure on how the plan will work out.

Cloud computing will prove its worth in this new idea, on a gaming console, in the following manner: firstly, there will be retail access of web-to-TV devices, including set-top boxes. These will be available at fairly low prices, which will improve the way people always related to traditional television. Secondly, it will also be possible to create content that can stream in related gadgets, including smartphones, right from the cloud epicenter. Thirdly, using the multiple, cheaply available software online, it will be possible to tune on and off live and playback content in favor of other content, and even record the same, or watch simultaneously.

New Content: TV

The vogue of the mobile device has ensured the death of many a gaming console. In an age where the simplest gadget can be able to stream a game online, consoles have received a mortal wound which would otherwise be irreparable were it not for the salvation of other media to consort. Through the streaming background of cloud infrastructure, Microsoft has bought rights to programs, as well as, created new ones. This will make its Xbox One a competitive device from which much of fresh television productions will emanate.

However, the company has to appropriate its entry into the new realm with consideration of the protocols that already exist in the TV commercial world. For example, it will not do away with the existing pay-television sources. Instead, it will use its HDMI feature to gain unilateral entry into the commercial world of television devoid of necessarily negotiating concessions with every other TV agency. More so, because the cloud is an associational platform, it is without doubt that the company may already be using some of the technologies existing providers are also using, thus displacing the need for side agreements.

Thus, as Xbox One goes online, it will be with a thrust indeed. It will bury deep in the cloud offering, while making use of existing media, television not being the least of these. Many are asking whether this move will improve gaming content but observers have relegated this question to the current aplomb about the cloud computing capabilities of the console. What is positive for now is that a console that will feature videos and no other content is not in the offing soon. It is also certain that Sunset Overdrive, the conversation mode for gaming enthusiasts and providers, will also be available on the console.

By John Omwamba

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One Response to TV Goes Original On Xbox One Cloud Platform

  1. I think the Xbox One’s sales will eventually be significantly better than the PS4 if
    MS does what I suspect they will do and use the TV capabilities of the system,
    partnerships with the cable/satellite companies, and sell the console to
    those cable and satellite subscribers for $99 – $199 with a 2 year
    subscription in the fall of 2014. Then it will truly be game over for
    Sony. They will still sell to gamers, but even if they double their
    market to 200m consoles, the market for cable subscribers is over 1.5B.
    People move, People grow up and
    move out of their parent’s homes, people sometimes upgrade their
    service, and people sometimes just want to watch shows on
    Cable/Satellite who don’t know how to download them illegally (sometimes
    they just don’t want the hassel. Remember we are talking about the
    average person). There have been a surge of cord cutters; myself
    included, as I get cable for free as part of my home owners association
    with HBO, otherwise I wouldn’t pay for it. My cable company (Comcast)
    has gone all digital recently in our area and for every TV in the house
    we have a Roku like device that acts as a digital HDMI connected tuner.
    I’ve been told that they will be compatible with the XBox One. I use
    Netflix and Hulu Plus for most of my content consumption though. Its
    just convenient.
    Cable companies have used every trick in the book just about to stop
    the cord cutting wave and haven’t been able to stem the tide, but
    offering an XBox One with a 2 year subscription might be a good enough
    reason for some to hold on and possibly attract a few, but the real
    kicker will be new content for the XBox One and partnerships with TV
    Stations/Networks and Production studios that will require a live
    connection. Steven Speilberg and George Lucas as well as a number of
    Studio Execs are watching this carefully, because what they want most is
    to get people to watch content live again. There’s alot that can be
    done with it for average people that aren’t typical gamers. I watched
    the 2012 US Presidential debates on my XBox and we could answer poll
    questions every few minutes about the current topic which made it an
    engaging and truly informative experience. I could see News Shows,
    Competition shows where the audience immediately votes as opposed to
    calling in a vote, and even reality TV shows where the audience could
    vote on challenges, paths, or even jokes to play on people. It could
    make for interesting TV in a way that we don’t have today.
    For gamers, How would you like to have a Destiny TV series where if
    you are the top player for that week, your gamer tag get a guest shot on
    that week’s episode? You could even end up winning a competition and
    have your particular character show up as a character in the Halo TV
    series that Steven Speilberg is making. You’d not only be immortalized as
    a gamer, EVERYONE who watches the show whether live or recorded will
    see your tag/character world wide! For wordsmiths, what about playing
    live with Jeopardy, Wheel of Fortune, whose line is it anyway, or some
    other game show and then even playing against the people on TV. You
    could even be skyped into the show. There’s alot of potential on the
    XBox One that can’t be done on the PS4 simply because of MS’s
    partnerships and inclusion of the HDMI input. Even though the
    PS4/PS3/XBox 360/Wii U could stream the content via a specialized app,
    buffering and bandwidth constraints can throw off the interactivity.
    Keeping those streams in sync/gathering the input in a small 30 second –
    1 minute window completely rules out Streaming over the internet. Using
    existing TV/Cable/Satellite networks infrastructure and capabilities
    will bypass this issue and leave all the bandwidth for data
    communications between the audience and the presenter. Its an elegant
    solution to a serious issue for making this work.
    I’m not saying this is what will happen, but the possibilities are
    there and if MS really is partnering with networks/cable and satellite
    companies around the world it may work, but if MS does go this route
    with partnering with the Cable-Satellite companies, Content producers,
    and consumers, it will definitely outsell the PS4 since it will never be
    able to do what the XBox One can. Just think about it.

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