Apple iCloud Faces Outage, Down For Some Users

Apple iCloud faces outage, down for some users

Tech giant Apple’s iCloud has been down for some users over the past six hours, and users are still reporting Apple services being inaccessible around the world.  According to several reports, the outage occurred around 6:30 p.m. ET Wednesday, with some users experiencing downtime with iCloud service.

According to a short message on Apple’s status page, users are facing problems for services like iCloud Documents, iPhoto Journals Photo Stream, along with Backup and Restore.  “Users may also be unable to send or download attachments in iMessage,” added the system status message.

The message from the tech giant also claimed that only 1 percent off Apple’s existing users would be affected by the downtime from iCloud. However, since Apple has a huge customer base, even the 1 percent might amount to millions of users being unable to access prime Apple service for a longer period of time, causing hassle for both parties.

Downtime due to outage has been a recent concern for the company, as Apple has experienced multiple outages in recent times, as on June 26, over 20% of its users faced downtime with the iCloud.

Previously, on April 23, Apple experienced another major outage that left millions of users outraged for over 27 hours for its iCloud email, GameCenter and iTunes services.

Apple yet to release any official comment regarding today’s outage.

By Blake Adams

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