Cloud Infographic – 3 Must-Haves For Cloud Service Providers

Cloud Infographic – 3 Must-Haves For Cloud Service Providers

The steadily increasing rate of adoption is having a somewhat negative effect on the market as a lot of startups are looking at selling Cloud services and becoming the next giant. But this only serves to saturate the market and confuse people, not to mention that startups that fail will only lower the credibility of the market. The reason why smaller companies are hard pressed at delivering a superb cloud service is because a very large capital is required for the expert manpower and infrastructure which small companies do not have, and there is an emphasis on the expert manpower above the others as this gives customers a peace of mind. Because of this, the smaller companies have resorted to “white label branding” the services of bigger providers… Continue reading the full article

If you do decide to become a cloud service provider, you may want to review this infographic provided by HOB titled  “3 Must-Haves For Cloud Service Providers

Cloud Infographic_001

Infographic Source: HOB

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    It’s very important that before you decide to embrace cloud into your company, you know the ins and out of the cloud system and choose a provider that you can trust.  Someone who is reliable, transparent and has flexible terms.


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