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Windows 8 Migration


It’s been quite some years since Scott McNealy uttered these critical, yet extremely witty, words aimed at long time rival Bill Gates and his most popular product Windows (just capitalize “gates” and “windows” in the quote above, and the intention becomes clear). However, even as the world railed against frequent Windows upgrades and the occasional failure like Windows Vista, Windows continued to survive, even thrive. In fact, it was McNealy’s Sun Microsystems that ceased to exist, being acquired by Oracle in 2010.

Even today, when cloud computing has greatly reduced the importance of an on-board operating system, Windows 8 is getting a lot of rave reviews. For one, its engineered taking latest developments like cloud computing in mind, and secondly, works well with the highly-popular tablet form factor. Even as Linux spreads its influence, Macs dominate technophiles’ minds and Android takes over smartphones, there’s no denying that Windows is still the system that runs, by some accounts, 90% of the world’s computers. Of these, 37% are on Windows XP.

Due to the widespread criticism that followed XP’s release, several Windows users refrained from upgrading from Vista, and to some extent, this nonchalance continued even as Windows 7 addressed many of Vista’s shortcomings. Now, that Windows 8 is here, it’s important that Vista users upgrade, not least because Microsoft will stop supporting Vista after April 8, 2014. Of course, Windows 8 beats Vista hollow on a number of parameters, especially security, as this short paper so clearly demonstrates.

However, making this shift in such a compressed timeframe is not easy. That’s why Lenovo, the No. 1 PC manufacturers today, have put together this comprehensive checklist to make this onerous task less so. Focusing on three primary migration phases: plan, deploy, and operate, the checklist can be used by your internal IT department to move seamlessly from Windows Vista to Windows 8 (or Windows 7, if you so desire).


By Sourya Biswas

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