The Lighter Side Of The Cloud – Disaster Prevention

The Lighter Side Of The Cloud – Disaster Prevention

By David Fletcher

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About David

David Fletcher was born in England in 1952. At school he excelled at drawing cartoons in the margins of his maths book and falling asleep. On leaving school he studied production engineering for five years then jumped on an aircraft bound for New Zealand where he's lived ever since. He was employed as an illustrator and cartoonist by New Zealand's largest daily newspaper, the New Zealand Herald, for three years, but for the last thirty years he's been pretending to work from home as a comic strip artist. He draws two daily strips called The Politician and Crumb the Blackbird, also several weekly strips. His cartoons are syndicated to Europe, Britain, US, Africa, Australia and New Zealand. David has also been a very popular weekly cartoonist with CloudTweaks over the last 5 years.

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One Response to The Lighter Side Of The Cloud – Disaster Prevention

  1. As funny as this is, it is amazing how many people have that attitude.  We have even started to see this approach in formal SLAs if the company thinks they can get away with it.  Thanks for the chuckle David :-)

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