Cloud Startup: Anaplan Brings Accurate Data Analysis Tools

Cloud Startup: Anaplan Brings Accurate Data Analysis Tools

Cloud Startup: Anaplan Brings Accurate Data Analysis Tools

Having access to efficient and accurate tools is essential for every successful business plan and operation. To help with company modeling and planning there is Anaplan, a startup out of San Francisco, California. Over the past two years, Anaplan has skyrocketed in growth. From reeling in significant funding to expanding the number of application tools for various aspects of finance and sales, this startup is booming.anaplan

It isn’t just about big data analysis or operation applications, its more. With Anaplan, clients don’t just receive data analysis, they get results that prepare them for future direction. Furthermore, clients have access to applications for a multitude of business operations with ease of utilization, accuracy and timeliness. In this day and age, time and efficiency is of the essence. Why work with applications that can only do half a job at half the speed? Today, data crunching and operations planning needs complete cloud-based work that is secure, fast and simple to use. That is where Anaplan can help; with their state of the art, patented technologies and applications for all your business modeling needs.

It has been quite eventful for Anaplan this year. In February of this year, Anaplan brought in a new $33 million in funding. It was said that the company would invest in their state of the art, patented Hyperblock ™. Joining their investment team of Granite Ventures and Shasta Ventures was Meritech Capital who led the funding event earlier this year, bringing Anaplan’s total funding to over $44 million. Along with a significant increase in funding, Anaplan has also obtained Vue Analytics. This acquisition assisted Anaplan in its expansion across the globe. Since their start, Anaplan has worked with Jive, Salesforce, Pandora, Aaron’s, McAfee, Zero and dozens more.

Anaplan offers a large number of applications for many specialized markets including IT, customer service, sales, finance, distribution and many more! The applications help manage many phases of business operations even for the most unexpected employees who may not have previously thought they were capable. Anaplan endeavors to deliver stability, reliability, predictability and flexibility to the ever changing market for each and every client. The team ensures us that their tools are “Immediate,” “Powerful,” and “Connected,” as they state on their site. With Anaplan’s complete cloud based tools, modeling and planning can start right away with no need to order hardware or wait for software to download.

A major technology that Anaplan is known for is their Hyperblock™ technology. This technology is a crossbreed of capabilities; “relational, vertical and OLAP databases,” as the website description states, along with instant calculation ability.

Interested in knowing more? Join their online demo. These thirty-five minute demos can answer questions and explain more in depth how their technology can assist you.

By Glenn Blake

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Glenn Blake

Glenn Blake is a writer for CloudTweaks and has been writing about technology trends for over 25 years.
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