Virtual World Environments And The Cloud

Virtual World Environments And The Cloud

Virtual World Environments And The Cloud 

When people think of the term “cloud,” often the dominant concept that comes to mind is one of storage and data transfer or perhaps the related issues of security and uptime. But the technology behind the cloud also offers a very human side, since it changes the way people interact, learn and develop, and this is something that industry giant VMware understands and embraces in both word and action.

Fresh from their monster VMworld event held late August in San Francisco, and concurrent with the European event happening in Barcelona, VMware continues to demonstrate just how “real” the virtual world actually is as a world-changing tool for human development, through an innovative and interactive online forum scheduled for October 22. Dubbed the Online VMware Forum 2013, this free event will allow IT professionals to gather, talk, experiment and learn without having to leave their office.

Far from being simply a webinar or website, the Online VMware Forum 2013 promises to usher in a new era of interactivity by providing, among other things, a 3D virtual environment with interactive booths staffed by VMware partners. And that, they state, is what will raise the bar for cloud-based professional learning events: “We will be offering people the ability to try some of our VMware products hands-on using our online lab environment that was launched at VMworld. While people are trying our products in an easy to use test environment, we will also have product experts available during the show to answer questions.” Vmware-Forum

The intriguing thing about this is it will allow IT professionals located anywhere in the world the opportunity to test the solutions without having to install anything on their own machines, and to interact with experts while doing so. The event is also offering live breakout sessions and intriguingly-named “technical deep-dives,” all on line.

One of the fundamental elements of success as an IT professional is the ability to create and maintain human networks in addition to computerized ones. All professions need this of course, but it is very easy for IT people specifically to become isolated, surrounded by machines, often working strange hours, and culturally, of course, set apart from the other personalities in the workplace, who, for better or worse, all have a great impact on the success of IT projects and careers. The VMware conferences have always been very strong in ensuring that people connect and talk with each other, and this was very evident at the San Francisco conference. CloudTweaks was there of course, and we spoke to a great many attendees who marvelled at the social atmosphere of the three-building event, the logistics of everything from registration to live-streaming, and the depth and relevance of the numerous breakout sessions.

It is on the strength of this experience that participants of the Online VMware Forum 2013 should be able to expect a great deal of interaction on a human level as well as on practical and technical ones. This is probably best exhibited through VMware’s choice of promotional imagery (pictured) of a campus filled with people, as its dominant theme.

The agenda for the event offers forum tracks that include: vSphere and vCloud Suite, Virtualization Management, Virtualization 101, Cloud Management, End User Computing, Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery, Public and Hybrid Cloud, Networking and Storage, Virtualizing Applications, and Tier 1 Applications, so there will be lots to talk about and a great deal of buzz.

Information and registration details for this free event can be located here

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