Cloud Infographic: XBOX One VS. Playstation 4 (Who Will Win The Battle Of Black Friday?)

Cloud Infographic: XBOX One VS. Playstation 4 (Who Will Win The Battle Of Black Friday?)

In the spirit of the approaching Black Friday and follow up to the PS4 Vs. Xbox One Gaming Consoles infographic.  We felt that this infographic called “Xbox One vs. PlayStation 4: Who Will Win the Battle of Black Friday?” courtesy of SDL (LSE: SDL) was more than suitable.

SDL ranks each console with its patent-pending Product Commitment Score (PCS) using models generated by its Customer Commitment Framework™ that isolates social conversations as customers go through journey shopping stages.

SDL predicts a wide gap in PCS scores between PS4 (54) and Xbox One (48) driven by events that impacted scores since February including:

  • PS4 gains initial momentum by announcing months in advance of Xbox One
  • Targeted messaging to hardcore gamers for PS4 and families/connected living room for Xbox One
  • PS4 “Perfect Day” campaign more effective at driving initial sales than Xbox One “Invitation” campaign
  • Price differential between the consoles


Infographic Source: SDL

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