3 Recommended Whitepapers: “Keeping Secrets – Good Password Practice”

3 Recommended Whitepapers: “Keeping Secrets – Good Password Practice”

3 Recommended Whitepapers: “Keeping Secrets – Good Password Practice”

Cloud security and password protection is big business. Today we have provided 3 recommended research papers to read over this week which goes alongside today’s infographic.

pass-robo“Enterprise Password Management – A Guide for Best Practices”

Learn how using RoboForm Enterprise is an easy, secure, and practical solution to common password management challenges.

An effective enterprise password management approach increases security without decreasing productivity or increasing costs. It’s essential to create a solution that your employees will actually follow and use. RoboForm Enterprise is a unique solution that allows your organization to use stronger password management practices without compromising security or increasing costs. The deployment is easy, takes minutes instead of months, and can be fully tested prior to deployment. We’ve taken away all the risks.

This white paper: describes appropriate password standards, explores the potential negative consequences of “password inflation,” contrasts the various methods of dealing with Enterprise Single Sign-On (SSO), and, describes an alternative approach to SSO (RoboForm Enterprise).

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password-securityStop Password Sprawl with SaaS Single Sign-On via Active Directory

In this white paper you’ll see how you can leverage your existing Active Directory investment to stop password sprawl, save resources, and become an IT hero to your users.

Organizations are rushing to SaaS in an effort to move business initiatives along faster, fueled in part by BYOD trends. In so doing, users are being required to manage even more accounts and passwords, leading to frustration and loss of productivity. In addition, executives and IT managers are realizing that SaaS adoption has hidden costs and security risks.

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“Keeping Secrets: Good Password Practice”

The password remains one of the most susceptible components of even the most advanced security system.

Alternative and supplementary forms of authentication have become far more common (and affordable), but the humble password remains the somewhat crumbling gatehouse to many a security structure. Learn how to tighten the weakest link of your security system.

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