Let’s Talk Workspace Cloud Security!

Let’s Talk Workspace Cloud Security!

Let’s Talk Workspace Cloud Security!

Let’s face it, security most likely tops the list for IT challenges and now with cloud technology’s significant expansion over the years and the increase of personal devices, also known as BYOD, being used in and outside the workplace, the challenges have gotten that much more intense.

As per BT.com’s infograph nearly half the concerns about BYOD security includes giving out unauthorized security information, using an unsecure device, and even theft of devices.


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BYOD’s are the biggest concern; however, a company’s most fragile security spot begins with its employees. More specifically, human errors with such things as utilizing unsecure devices, staying logged in even when not working and being too trusting with fellow employees with regards to logon credentials etc, are most certainly how many everyday breaches occur. Even the best precautions and encryptions can be weakened by staff logging on and accessing company data from off-site and sometimes even unsecure devices, as well as having easily guessed passwords and erratic online work behaviors.

There are many ways to reduce such security weaknesses, but some say that everyone is at risk. According to an infograph by Solera Networks, online users have a 69% chance of being a preyed upon. And while 25% of incidents occur while users are online, there are many ways, Solera shows, for users to be security safe including logging out once a user is finished and having passwords that are lengthy and include special characters and uppercase as well as lowercase letters.

With user slips being all too common, it is no wonder that the larger number of staff a company has the more difficult it can be to secure the workspace. That is why security companies have stepped up their methods to include such things as tracking user behavior and even red-flagging erratic usage.

Security Advice For Enhanced Security In Every Workspace

  • Advise employees not to give out information that is not theirs to give out, instead direct individuals to the appropriate company resource in order for complete authentication.
  • Run frequent penetration or pen tests, including social engineering tests, so that users are constantly on the lookout for unauthorized access and therefore more security aware.
  • Have an easy to understand, documented security policy, as well as seminars on how to more security conscious may drastically enhance corporate security. As BT.com shows us in their infograph, only 66% of staff members are aware of company security policy.

Please comment on some of the areas that you feel can be improved in workplace security.

By Glenn Blake

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Glenn Blake is a writer for CloudTweaks and has been writing about technology trends for over 25 years.
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