Big Data Relations – Ready Or Not… Here We Come

Big Data Relations – Ready Or Not… Here We Come


In recent years, Big Data and Cloud relations have been growing steadily. And while there have been many questions raised around how best to use the information being gathered, there is no question that there is a real future between the two. This year we will see just how that relationship matures and manifests as Big Data’s efficiency evolves and the Cloud bends to our wishes.

An obvious indicator of Big Data importance is analyzing its usage by the multitude of large organizations. However, these initiatives aren’t being set forth by all companies. For example, a recent IDC study illustrates a 70% deployment rate of projects involving big data for large companies this year, but only a 56% deployment rate for smaller businesses. This is not super surprising and as these endeavors become more efficient and cost effective, we will see a massive increase in Big Data collection and usage by smaller and medium companies.

With such a significant growth in data rich endeavors over this past year, it should come with no surprise that Hadoop technologies has also seen a massive spotlight. However, many wonder whether Hadoop can keep up with the overloading flow and retrieval of info that is Big Data.

A more recent development is that of NoSQL, which provides faster, more reliable access to such copious amounts of data that is currently being gathered. Together, organizations big and small can collect, utilize and organize relevant data for their particular niche in real time rather than waiting weeks or even months for productive results.

Many wonder whether or not cloud service providers are ready for the efficiency endeavors of big data companies. However, others such as long-time running big data analytics that is SAP and even some new comers such as EMC², who specialize in the field, feel confident that the relationship between the Cloud and Big Data is strong enough to withstand the pressures of desired productivity and efficiency.

By Glenn Blake

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Glenn Blake

Glenn Blake is a writer for CloudTweaks and has been writing about technology trends for over 25 years.
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