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Napster To Create Cloud Based Music Platform

Cloud News Round Up February 19th


Synchronoss and Napster to Create Cloud Based Music Platform – Have you heard of Napster recently? It’s unlikely that you have heard much of a revolutionary peep from the formerly hugely popular music service as it has been ousted by platforms like and Spotify, which let you blast the best tunes on the go with just an Internet connection. Now, Napster is looking to get some of their market share back by pioneering cloud tech, having just announced a new cloud music sharing partnership with Synchronoss to create a “social music platform”. The Napster app, which will be built directly into the Synchronoss Personal Cloud service, subscribers can share music, put together a music library from over 25 million tracks, access music and playlists on mobile devices and PCs via the cloud and use something called ‘Napster TrackMathc’ to “identify, capture and save music”.

Microsoft Revamps and Renames SkyDrive, Now Called OneDrive – ‘Anything Google can do, we can do better’ seems to be Microsoft’s motto here as they have gone to a great deal of effort to pit their cloud documentation offering, OneDrive, against Google’s own digital Google Drive service. Part of that comes in the form of a name change as the witty SkyDrive title has been ditched in favour of OneDrive, likely to be more in line Microsoft’s new ‘all in one’ vision. Microsoft’s new and very high hopes are that people will store their files – be it text, photo or video files – on OneDrive, but they’re looking to do this with few new ground-breaking additions as Android auto uploading and document collaboration tools that do not require a Microsoft account are the leading features here. What is also a draw is that the first 100,000 OneDrive sign ups will get 100GB of storage free for one year, meaning that you will want to head over to and get access to the deal while you can.

Payroll App ZenPayroll Raises $20 Million In Funding – There are perhaps few ways to top what the all-star funders of Salesforce, Drew Houston (Dropbox CEO and co-founder) and Google Ventures offered with $6.1 million of initial funding, but somehow, payroll app ZenPayroll have managed to surpass the investment that was once offered to them, now raising $20 million to further their business. Bringing a cloud based payroll application to businesses, many have seen this as a lucrative business opportunity, with the Series A funding led by General Catalyst Partners also being participated in by Kleiner Perkins and Caufield & Buyers. The $20 million is just a fifth of the companies real worth as the valuation in this round of funding was just above $100 million, so ZenPayroll has an incredibly large some of money to prove that it is worthy of in the future.

By Jennifer Livingstone

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