Pinup: Shodogg Technology Allows Universal Data Access

Pinup: Shodogg Technology Allows Universal Data Access

Shodogg Technology Allows Universal Data Access


A technology startup with a demonstrated track record of performance and innovation, Shodogg offers businesses, government, and other end users the opportunity to access data from any mobile device and display the information on smart screens anywhere else in the world.

Founded in 2011, the company, which operates from offices in New York City and Sydney, Australia, recently earned recognition as a 2013 Top 50 Companies to Watch by AlwaysOn. In addition, the company garnered considerable attention when actor and director Seth Green, an investor in the organization, and AOL featured its patented products in the Acting Disruptive series. Shodogg also made headlines in January when the company partnered with Australia-based Tripleplay Services on a specialized BYOD/BYOC (Bring Your Own Device/Bring Your Own Computer) for the hospitality industry.

The buzz surrounding Shodogg revolves primarily around the ease of use and ready accessibility offered by its products. The company’s technology enables users to access any data stored on the cloud or a server and transmit that information to targeted phones, computers, tablets, and other smart screen devices. Moreover, Shodogg’s groundbreaking products facilitate accessibility and transmission without jeopardizing security even in public settings or broad geographic regions.

In addition, Shodogg’s Swappable Media Player promotes the display or demonstration of a wide variety of files and locations; the product allows users to pull different types of files from any number of clouds or media players. This capability optimizes a user’s ability to disseminate information in the most effective or interesting manner possible while enhancing the experience of those watching and listening to the demonstration or program. Shodogg clients also benefit from holistics analytics that promote evaluation by businesses, sales teams, and other users.

Shodogg products require no specialized hardware and work on every type of smart screen and operating system. Security is augmented with customized synchronization codes and device and user authentication. The company’s products are scalable, allowing users to expand their target audience to any number of customers or colleagues.

In addition to Seth Green, investors in Shodogg include William G. McGorry, the Chairman of the Broadcasting and Cable Hall of Fame; Gregg Spiridellis, the Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officedr at JibJab Media; and Jonathon Carson, the Chief Revenue Officer at Vevo. For more information about the company and its products, visit

By Mary Elizabeth

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