Cloud News: VMware Launches Public Desktop-as-a-Service

Cloud News: VMware Launches Public Desktop-as-a-Service

Launches Public Desktop-as-a-Service 


VMware has launched a Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS), VMware Horizon, hosted on VMware’s public cloud server. For rates as low at $35 a month, businesses can use this DaaS to load and operate Microsoft operating systems, such as Windows XP, Windows 7 and Windows 8 on desktop and laptop computers or mobile devices.

Businesses can manage and monitors all of their employees running an operating system through VMware Horizon. IT departments can create their own virtual desktops with gold pattern images provided by VMware. They can also ensure secure connectivity by integrating virtual desktops into their Active Directory environment.

Amazon Web Services also has plans to launch a DaaS with prices at $35 a month, but so far it is only available as a limited preview.

Computenext Raises $4 Million of Venture Capital in 2014

Computenext is the latest of many cloud related companies to recently attract attention from venture capitalists and secure funds of seven or more figures, raising $4 million so far in 2014. Investors are wise to put their money in cloud services startups; it is becoming more and more clear that cloud computing is the new standard for work communications and data storage.

Sundar Kannan, founder and CEO of Computenext, describes the services his business provides this way: “It’s what we call an end-to-end marketplace. You can access our site with a single sign-on, buy resources from any provider, procure it, provision it, pay for it and bill it as well.” It is a marketplace: businesses selling cloud server space connect with businesses searching for a cloud hosting provider. Computenext collects its revenue by taking a low percentage cut out of every transaction.

The $4 million raised so far in 2014 is part of a recent round of fundraising with the goal of reaching $10 million. Computenext received an addition $4 million last year from investors. With this money, Kannan plans to double his staff and further expand and reinforce infrastructure.

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