Could Amazon Become The Next Big Name In Cloud Gaming?

Could Amazon Become The Next Big Name In Cloud Gaming?

Could Amazon Become the Next Big Name In Cloud Gaming? 

When cloud-gaming pioneer, Onlive, suffered its much-hyped setback in 2012, questions began popping up all over the internet from both industry professionals and end users alike. Is this the end of cloud gaming? If not, who will take over the reins as the go-to name in cloud gaming? These questions, as well as many other similar ones, resounded loudly no matter which corner of the online-gaming world you visited.


While several different companies have begun making it known that they will be continuing in the quest for the premier cloud-gaming service, such as Sony’s Playstation Now, no one entity is currently recognized as the top name in cloud gaming. However, there is one company that may offer the services necessary to claim this top spot: Amazon.

Why Amazon?

So why would Amazon, traditionally primarily associated with the retail sales of tangible goods, qualify as the leader in cloud gaming, as opposed to the more well-known Playstation Now launch? The answer is found in three simple letters: AWS.

What Is AWS?

Amazon Web Services, also commonly known as AWS, is a cloud-computing platform launched in 2006. AWS was designed as a tool for the development and offering of third-party applications, using Amazon’s vast array of computing hardware. In essence, Amazon is offering individual companies the capability to offer their own streaming game services, without the need to buy tons of expensive equipment. AWS servers can be found in eight locations throughout the country, with the lion’s share being housed in northern Virginia.

Capabilities of AWS

The list of different capabilities and services achievable with AWS is long and varied. However, there are a few different components that are perfect for the development and release of cloud games. A few of the most important of these are:

Auto Scaling: Internet traffic, especially for cloud games, can vary throughout the day. Instead of having to pay for bandwidth you do not use, Auto Scaling allocates more resources during the times you need them the most and scales them back when they are no longer needed.

Amazon CloudFront: Billed as a “content-delivery system“, Amazon CloudFront is the key component needed to get your games where they need to go with the least amount of latency. In addition, no commitments are needed in order to use Amazon CloudFront.

S3: Since all game developers and producers need somewhere to store their content and data, S3 (which stands for Simple Storage Solution) is a must have. S3 provides the capacity to store videos, updates and actual content. Even better, recent reports show that the cost for S3 will go down by about half.

What Makes AWS Unique?

AWS is a full solution for smaller developers and companies designed specifically for them to have a low-cost and powerful solution to offer cloud games. This is in direct contrast to services available now, as well as those coming down the pipeline. If you have a cloud-based game and want the best way to reach your customers, AWS is the answer.

Have any questions or comments about AWS? Fee free to post your thoughts in the Comments section below.

By Joe Pellicone


Joe Pellicone

In 2011, Joe launched his writing career, dealing primarily with the tech topics he is so familiar with (Tech & Gaming). Today, Joe uses his experience and talent to create quality and enjoyable pieces on everything from gaming hardware and software, to individual games and gaming companies.

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