Whitepaper Friday – Forrester Claim Virtualization Is Driving Data Centre Growth In Europe

Whitepaper Friday – Forrester Claim Virtualization Is Driving Data Centre Growth In Europe

Whitepaper Friday – Forrester Claim Virtualization is Driving Data Centre Growth in Europe

Last week we looked at the reasons why the cloud was suffering from a slower uptake in Europe than in North America, but a new report by Forrester has indicated that while businesses might be less inclined to adopt cloud services than their US-based counterparts, datacentre growth across the continent is alive and well.

The annual report found that the top three drivers for datacentre capacity expansion in Europe in 2014 are storage growth (56 percent of respondents), business expansion (48 percent) and virtualisation (42 percent) – in contrast to the 2013 edition which highlighted security, disaster recovery, and power supply reliability as the key factors.

Encouragingly for both European users and businesses, the report noted that 92 percent of enterprises said that they are planning expansion of their datacentres within the next four years, while an impressive 38 percent stated that they expected their datacentre budget to grow between five and ten percent in the next twelve months. Forrester’s figures stand in opposition to a Gartner report earlier this year which claimed that global datacentre spending would only increase by 2.6 percent this year.

The United Kingdom datacentre market – already the largest in Europe with 650,000 sq metres of floorspace – is expected to see the largest growth over the next five years, with a 22 percent expansion predicted. According to Bernard Geoghegan, Managing Director of Digital Realty, the growth is due to “[a change in] the perception of datacentres from a cost centre to a revenue centre”, which is being helped by the trend of “server virtualisation and hosted virtual desktops [meaning] more can be done with less physical equipment”.

Whitepaper One – “The Essentials of Virtualization”


This paper covers the latest information, developments, and expert commentaries to help you make informed decisions about virtualisation in your business. Specific topics covers include details on how to leverage your network for virtualisation, how to standout through DevOps automation, and how to use virtualization to improve your business revenues.

Whitepaper Two – “When Cloud Makes Sense”

For more than a decade companies have been implementing virtualisation technologies in their datacentres to increase efficiency and consolidate servers. This paper discusses the biggest benefits of virtualisation – covering efficiency, operational availability, agility and flexibility, the potential for capital reallocation, and accelerated competitiveness.

Whitepaper Three – “Demystifying Virtualization for Small Businesses”

This paper aims to explain all aspects of virtualisation to small business owners and start-up companies. The article covers the different types of virtualization, its benefits, and the different strategies to implement a virtualization process.

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By Daniel Price

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