Pinup: Cloud Technology Partners – Accelerate Your Cloud Transformation

Pinup: Cloud Technology Partners – Accelerate Your Cloud Transformation

Pinup: Cloud Technology Partners – Accelerate Your Cloud Transformation

As we progress into the future, the cloud hype increases day by day. Organizations are not just talking about cloud computing at conferences, seminars, and meetings, but adopting cloud technologies at an exponential rate. Unlike cloud evangelists who propound on the benefits of cloud computing technologies, one of the biggest challenges as identified by industry experts is ‘integration.’ For instance, of the 270 executives surveyed by Gartner, 56% cited ‘integration’ as the primary reason for choosing to transition from a SaaS solution to an on-premise solution. On the flip side, undoubtedly, cloud computing indeed promises greater advantages in terms of lower costs, speed, agility, flexibility, and versatility. How will you seamlessly phase your organization into cloud computing?


Cloud Technology Partners is the ‘Yacht’ that takes your organization on a smooth sail to the cloud, whether you are planning to integrate or migrate applications and data to cloud environments, develop cloud applications, deploy public, private and hybrid clouds, manage cloud deployments or require strategic consulting and planning for cloud readiness. In addition to being the fastest way to optimize application for the cloud, our code analysis tool, PaaSLane ensures developers that their apps won’t fall apart when they are run in the cloud environments. Regardless of the cloud platform you are planning to use such as Microsoft, Rackspace, Amazon, or Google, in a matter of minutes, PaaSLane automatically tracks hundreds of issues in Java, C#, or.NET applications, delivering a prioritized roadmap for optimizing an application for the cloud. With PaaSLane, you can be certain that your applications are cloud-ready while reducing or eliminating manual code reviews. The bottom line is that we deliver abysmal cloud expertise in your browser!

We eat innovation for breakfast too – Providing turn-key solutions from planning to execution, Cloud Technology Partners focuses on mid-market and enterprise clients across industries, and as a publisher with a portfolio of over 11,000 applications, over 2000 customers – we minimizes risks in your cloud undertakings. Our innovations include (ADF) Application Decision Framework, which maps application portfolios to determine the optimal target platform, (BDF) Big Data Framework, which utilizes predictive analytics, and (CDF) Cloud Development Framework, which provides a turnkey, workflow-based infrastructure to create cloud-scale applications quickly and easily.

Cloud Technology Partners is different. We are different because our team has extensive experience in planning, establishing, and deploying enterprise level cloud solutions. We are different because show resiliency while working with business and mission critical applications. We are different because of innovative services and products. Finally, we are different because of our ability to provide the right tool for the right job – resulting in savings and risk minimization.

I had an important need to select and implement a cloud management platform for a hybrid cloud supporting commercial-facing applications. GE was able to conduct a competitive evaluation using detailed requirements, make a vendor selection and actually stand the platform up in base form – all in under 3 months’ time. Cloud Technology Partners resources have been of high quality and I now consider them a trusted partner”  – Bob Wysocki, CTO, GE Commercial Cloud

Need we say more? So, what you waiting for? – accelerate your cloud transformation.

By Syed Raza

About Syed Raza

With over 20 years of combined experience in the fields Law, Management, and IT, Syed has impeccable reviewing and strong editing skills with a long track record of writing technical, legal, and management articles that make readers stop and think.. Being a serial entrepreneur and attorney, he provides consultancy and project management in e-Discovery issues in complex civil litigation. As, a trial attorney with significant experience in matters relating to patent infringement, defense and prosecution in the pharmaceutical industry, contracts disputes, real estate, criminal matters, and international human rights law. Syed provides guidance and counsel to attorneys and clients on all aspects of discovery, including information management, data preservation and collection, early case assessment, comprehensive managed review and production. He also holds a PhD (management sciences) and MBA degree as well.

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