Google Glass; Privacy Fear And Embarrassment

Google Glass; Privacy Fear And Embarrassment

Google Glass; Privacy Fear And Embarrassment

Google Glass is extremely high tech and can be very beneficial to users. However, Google had to send out a reminder to such users to take them off during intimate and very, very private situations. During a conference in San Francisco for Google developers in 2013, a few attendees had forgotten to take their Google Glass off while in the bathroom. This resulted in a private situation being documented. This just goes to show that although this piece of technology proves extremely useful, wearers need to remember that they have it on at all time.

Originally, Google Glass had privacy fears surrounding it because the device can record video less noticeably than a device that is handheld. This makes it extremely difficult for others to know whether or not they are currently on camera. Others have worried about general safety, such as a cyclist trying to do something on Google Glass and not paying attention to where they are going.

Those who are spotted wearing Glass can also be subjected to what the Internet likes to call ‘trolls.’ “I was screen-casting on a huge display, and while at the OK Glass menu,” says Shazafar Khaja, a Glass user, “Someone in the audience yelled, ‘OK Glass Google pictures of naked girls’, and Google picked up on it. I quickly unplugged the cable. If I’d been a bit late, the Google search results would have flashed on the huge display.”

Reading user stories such as this one just goes to show that being a user of Google Glass can have some very unexpected, and embarrassing moments.

Kadeaus Couloute, another Glass user, tells his story about an embarrassing moment while in Japan. “The first time some teenagers saw me wearing it, they started pointing and laughing. I got closer to them to hear what they were saying, and they said in Japanese, ‘Look at him! Look at him! He is trying to be Vegeta!’. Not being a Dragonball Z fan, I thought Vegeta was a Japanese word that I had not learned yet. So I tried to translate, which failed, then I Google searched it and saw the character. I felt extremely awkward.”

Not only are hundreds of thousands of people mocking Glass, and Glass users who call themselves ‘Explorers’, all over the Internet, but there are also videos constantly being posted. These videos are parodies on Google Glass, such at filmmaker Tom Scott’s video titled, ‘A New Way to Hurt Yourself,’ which can be found here.

So all in all, it would appear that Google Glass is quite the fuel for making non-users, or non-Explorers, laugh their heads off. Sure, the device is nothing but high technology that gives users an extra boost through their day, but Glass does make a lot of people laugh. It’s no doubt that there are always going to be embarrassing Glass stories, mainly for users who are wearing their Glass in countries that might not know much, or anything at all, about the device.

By Linda Green

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