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Cloud 2012: What to Expect in the Latter Six Months

Cloud 2012: What to Expect in the Latter Six Months Don’t blink — it’s already mid-June. Indeed, 2012 has flown by, but not without cloud computing extending its reach and fame, both in the IT community and with the general public. The increased ease with which cloud is regarded by businesses and everyday folk from


What The HECK Is The Uppernet From Verizon?!

What the HECK is the Uppernet from Verizon?! Been watching television lately? If so, the odds are more or less strong that you’ve come across yet another of Verizon’s slickly produced commercials, touting the grandeur of a superhero action movie, boldly hailing the company’s latest venture, the “Uppernet,” in all capital letters. Impressive, Grandiose, Important:

Gauging Your Organization’s Cloud Aptitude

Gauging Your Organization’s Cloud Aptitude Cloud computing: is it a cure-all for every technical vice that vexes how an organization manages its data? We at CloudTweaks obviously only answer this question in the affirmative. Though slightly marred by several wrinkles in its ease of use and trustworthiness, the cloud remains an indisputably worthwhile component of

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