Cloud Startup: Meteor To Speed Up Web App Development

Meteor Cloud

Meteor to speed up Web App development Straddling the ongoing OS fragmentation divide through a web app may sound like the best thing to do when developing such an app but straddling the interaction between the client, server, multiple devices and a ton of cloud services while still having to deal with legacy infrastructure isn’t

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Cloud Start-up: StearClear Starts Your Car When You Can't

Cloud Stearclear

Cloud Start-up: StearClear Starts Your Car When You Can’t More often than not, when you’re too intoxicated to drive and the designated driver is more or less in the same condition (or you went drinking alone), the sensible thing to do is to take a taxi back home. Unfortunately, most of the time this leads to your

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Cloud Password Security Startup: OneID

Cloud Password Secuirty

OneID – Just click once to authenticate anything Having to remember multiple passwords for your various online identities is rapidly becoming a major headache, especially if you frequently use various types of online payment, social media or just buy stuff online. OneID hopes to alleviate your memory woes with a single online identity, picking up

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ScaleXtreme: Server Automation From The Cloud


ScaleXtreme: Server automation from the Cloud As one of the major Cloud Computing startups to watch for the past few years now, ScaleXtreme offers server automation for both private and public clouds and datacenters. Utilizing their API users can build, deploy, monitor and manage server automation, particular those involving system generation and ongoing server system management.

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Aereo: Cloud-based DVR Streaming Public Broadcast TV

Web TV is supposedly the next big thing, but Aereo goes a whole different direction by providing public broadcast TV and other channels to your iPad or Safari browser (for PC and Mac users). In addition to streaming these channels to your browser, they also allow for Digital Video Recording or DVR on their cloud

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Cloudwords Automates Accurate Translation


Cloudwords Automates Accurate Translation Documentation localization remains one of the major cash pitfalls of doing an upgrade for a software often because the translation is done inefficiently or applied to the entire document or manual, rather than the small upgraded and additional feature added due to the software upgrade. Cloudwords creates a more organized translation approach

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Cloud Start-up: The Currency Cloud Targets Global FX

Currency Cloud

Cloud Start-up: The Currency Cloud Targets Global FX While no one has really heard of The Currency Cloud just yet, this new startup is set for big things as it looks to automate the Foreign Exchange (FX) scene through Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). Traditionally, the Foreign Exchange involves the exchange of one currency into another and takes

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HireArt: Pre-screening Interview Hopefuls In The Cloud


HireArt: Pre-screening Interview Hopefuls In The Cloud Finding the right person for the job has always been difficult especially as many people tend to fudge or pad their resumes with things that they cannot actually do. HireArt is one cloud startup that simplifies this greatly by prescreening your interview candidates and allowing them to put

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Social Cloud: BumeBox, Real-time Social Media Events in a Big Way


Social Cloud: BumeBox, Real-time Social Media Events in a Big Way Matching the meteoric rise of social media with Cloud-based applications is BumeBox, a social media marketing startup that creates the equivalent of a big-time expo for your online fans. This helps to achieve the main online ROI goal that most online businesses are looking

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Is Nicira a Game-changer? Maybe. Harbinger? Definitely.

Is Nicira a Game-changer? Maybe. Harbinger? Definitely While Nicira’s Network Virtualization Platform (NVP) has been out since February 9th, little more has been said about it’s game-changing properties, especially where it involves Cloud Computing. Networking has always been the hardware bottleneck that no one has actually overcome in Cloud Computing, but according to Nicira this

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