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TOSCA Hybrid Cloud Standards Committee: Google, IBM, Cisco…

TOSCA and Friends setting up Hybrid Cloud Standards In a move that reminds me a lot about the movie quote “When there’s no way out, you find a deeper way in“, TOSCA, IBM, EMC and Cisco have indicated their support for Hybrid Cloud portability standards and specifications. Following on the heels of TOSCA or Topology

CloudPassage's Public Cloud Security Plug-in

CloudPassage’s Public Cloud Security Plug-in Even the most staunchest of public cloud proponents will tell you that security remains a major concern, especially since you have no say in how the public cloud provider you’ve latched onto is managing its security. Sure, you can make suggestions, but the likelihood of these suggestions being considered much

The Cloud Farming Out 3D Rendering For The Masses

The Cloud farming out 3D rendering for the masses In a move akin to providing Supercomputing to the masses, the Cloud is currently offering 3D render farm capabilities to those who can’t create one themselves but have the talent to bring about the best in 3D stories and imagery. Having my own personal experience regarding

Piston Cloud Debuts First OpenStack OS

Piston Cloud Debuts First OpenStack OS In a move set to make waves for VMWare, Piston Cloud Computing Inc.came out with their Piston Enterprise OS, the first OpenStack-based OS in the industry. Announced on Wednesday (18 January 2012), the new OS which is to be called pentOS is set to offer datacenter-owning enterprises a smoother

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