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Moving In To The Cloud? Choose Wisely

Moving In To The Cloud? Choose Wisely

Most organizations which have entered into cloud computing are seeking a competitive advantage. Sooner or later, cloud computing will graduate from a strategic imperative to an operational norm. Regardless of the rationale behind the migration, it is important for any organization to be well aware of the intricacies and elements of cloud computing before committing resources and expectations. Stakes are always high, and the nature of the choices we make has a major impact on the future.

The cloud computing transition has dawned upon most organizations, immediately following the internet transition. Regardless of the change, there is association of both transitions with cost reduction at the corporate and individual level. Large scale operations contribute to the economies of scale with regard to service provision. As a result, it is necessary for corporate to remain focused on cost reduction through application of cloud computing in its strategic outlay.

Security is still the most prominent concern for users of cloud computing. The novel technology elevates the security risks to a whole new echelon, posing numerous challenges even for the service providers. As a result, organizations have to employ a secure strategy when choosing cloud computing platforms and providers. Security is two-way traffic, making it necessary for organizations to take measures at the in-house level. Service providers with reliable security measures should be preferred over the rest, regardless of the attractiveness of their offer. Cost reduction should be the least worry when it comes to cost-reduction, since the costs of loss of data are immeasurable.

The nature of the market should also be considered. The wait-and-see approach to adoption of new technologies is bound to place your organization among the reactive category of organizations. Companies seeking to achieve pro-activity have to possess a ‘go-get’ attitude. Although new technologies change significantly and rapidly, it is important for an organization to remain keen on the trends in order to avoid lagging behind.

Market leaders are never afraid of adopting a leading stance with regard to efficient systems. Cloud computing is laced with similar characteristics which faced game-changing innovations such as the internet. As a result, caution should not come in the way of decision-making.

By Rick Watson

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