Cloud Apps of the Week: PocketCloud

Cloud Apps of the Week On the lookout for the latest cloud applications worth your download? Here’s an impressive trio that will scintillate for couch potatoes on the go, literature obsessives, and the Facebook frustrated. What if you could TiVo your desktop via your mobile phone? PocketCloud from Wyse empowers its users to accomplish just

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Tech Child's Play: Is the Cloud Still a Kid?

Tech Child’s Play: Is the Cloud Still a Kid? A new Information Week article, penned by well-respected expert Art Wittman, condemns cloud computing as a horny youngster still in the grips of puberty. Perhaps Wittman doesn’t attack the cloud so colorfully. But he solidly argues that, in terms of how IT people commit to its

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Cloud Apps Of The Week: FitDay

Fit Day

Cloud Apps of the Week From getting fit to finding your phone, this week’s apps are sure to prove of great use to cloud lovers throughout 2012. Take a look. Critical to dropping pounds and keeping them off is maintaining a detailed account of every single calorie. Cloud application FitDay makes such meticulous nutrition a

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Cloud Infographic: Cloud Service Applications

Cloud Service Applications

Cloud Infographic: Cloud Service Applications Interesting Infographic by which illustrates 6 key IT environments where benefits can be applied by utilizing cloud computing. Source:

And the Cloud Computing Grammy Goes To…

SoundCloud Music Xray

And the Cloud Computing Grammy Goes To… Plaudits en masse for Adele, who swept last Sunday’s Grammy awards with six golden trophies — a huge honor that even your grandmother likely saw coming from fifty miles away. The prodigious vocal titan ignited an international musical movement that managed to sweep both average Joe pop lovers

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No Smartphone? Never Fear – Apps For All Are (Hopefully Soon) Here

No Smartphone? Never Fear – Apps For All Are (Hopefully Soon) Here Explicating the trendiness and popularity of intelligent mobile devices these days, smartphones such as the iPhone and Android smack of technological superiority. They flaunt generously sized display touch screens; only they are entitled to the Internet-surfing speed and power of the 4G network;

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Fancy Your Own Amazon Web Services-like Cloud?

Fancy your own Amazon Web Services-like Cloud? Cloudscaling’s OpenStack Private Cloud platform provides an answer Designed for very large-scale deployment and enterprise-class businesses, Cloudscaling’s Open Cloud System (OCS) platform is set to incorporate management and security features on a much higher level than other OpenStack offerings. According to Michael Grant, Cloudscaling CEO, “We’re introducing a

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