Cloud Infographic: Tornado Proof Reflective Roof – U.S Data Centers


Cloud Infographic: Tornado Proof Reflective Roof – U.S Data Centers CloudTweaks has covered some interesting topics and data centers is always one that seems to pique the interest and curiosity of our readers. If it’s Data center downtime, Clandestine locations to Data center growth there is much to discover. Included is an infographic provided by WhoIs which

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Cloud Infographic: The Future Of A Connected Field Technician


Cloud Infographic: The Future Of A Connected Field Technician We have discussed Mobile Wearable Technology a number of times on CloudTweaks and truly realize its importance.  The Field Service Industry alone has the potential to save as much as $1 Billion Dollars annually which is a significant number.  We love insightful infographics that involve themes

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Atlantic.Net Launches First International Data Center In Toronto, Canada


Cloud Hosting Provider Continues Expansion with a Third State-of-the-Art Facility ORLANDO, FL – July 29, 2014 –Atlantic.Net, a high-powered SSD cloud VPS hosting solutions provider, announced today the opening of their first international data center, located in Toronto, Canada. To assist in the expansion, a second center also launched in Dallas, Texas. These state of the art

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Cloud Storage & Data Security


Cloud Storage & Data Security Cloud computing has emerged as an innovative approach to provide computing services. It offers numerous advantages such as fast deployment, lower costs, pay for use, rapid elasticity, scalability, ubiquitous network access, and greater resiliency. One of the primary uses of cloud computing is for data storage. Cloud storage is a model of networked online

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Security Trends In The Financial Services


Security Trends In The Financial Services Readers who subscribe to our newsletter will have already read Fridays news about Microsoft’s latest report into key security trends in financial services. The report is part of a series which looks at security trends in cloud computing across four specific industries – financial services, healthcare, retail, and public

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Equinix Launches Cloud Exchange To Unlock Full Potential Of Cloud Computing


Equinix Launches Cloud Exchange to Unlock Full Potential of Cloud Computing Next-generation interconnection solution improves connectivity options for cloud buyers and service providers by making multi-cloud, multi-network access a reality REDWOOD CITY, Calif., April 30, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Equinix, Inc. (Nasdaq: EQIX), the global interconnection and data center company, today announced the launch of the

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Bad Bots – What Are They And Where Do They Come From?


Bad Bots – What Are They And Where Do They Come From? A ‘bot’, short for ‘web robot’, is a small software application that can run automated tasks over the internet. Their primary function is to fetch script and analyse web server information at a considerably faster rate than a human could achieve. Unfortunately, cyber-criminals

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Big Data And Wearable Technology – Can It Help You Lose Weight?


Big Data and Wearable Technology – Can it Help you Lose Weight? With summer fast approaching people across the land are booking holidays and organising trips to get away from the office for a well-earned rest. As soon as vacations have been booked, lots of people’s minds turn to one thing – losing a few

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Broadband Speeds Around The World


Broadband Speeds Around The World If you have you ever wondered who has the world’s fastest internet, and whether speeds differ by country or by provider, the latest State of the Internet report from Akamai provides some answers, says Peter Lawson, marketing manager at iiNet, Australia’s second-largest DSL Internet provider. “Akamai,” he states, “gathers data

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Should Your Business Be Using White Label Cloud Services?


Should Your Business Be Using White Label Cloud Services? White label refers to the concept of creating a product and selling it to multiple providers for rebranding and resale. After the strategy originally gained traction in the music and grocery industries, it is now being adopted by more and more companies in the online sector.

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10 Green Cloud Computing Hosts To Consider


10 Green Cloud Computing Hosts To Consider With the IT industry now accounting for more than ten percent of global electricity consumption, and data centres alone accounting for almost two percent, the pressure is on businesses to use the greenest possible cloud computing providers.  Here we look the green credentials of ten of the most

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Google Drive Drops Prices: 100 GB For Just $2 Per Month!


Google Drive Drops Prices: 100 GB For Just $2 Per Month!  It was just recently that we were talking about cheap solutions for startups that want to move their file systems to the cloud. The conclusion was that Microsoft OneDrive was the cheapest solution out there, offering 50 GB for just $25 a year and

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Pinup: AppZero Simplifies The Process Of Migrating


AppZero Simplifies the Process of Migrating Windows Server Applications onto the Cloud AppZero is a cloud computing startup that offers services for moving applications across cloud or database servers. The company developed its own unique technology, called “Zapp extraction”, to make the usually complex process of application migration simple enough to be completed with just

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