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Microsoft and Baycrest Create Cloud for Healthcare Sector

Microsoft and Baycrest Create Cloud for Healthcare Sector Baycrest has announced a cloud partnership with Microsoft and its partner company Orangutech. The trio will synergize to create eHealth2Share, a web-based “cloud” for healthcare organizations in Canada and around the world to share information. “This is truly an innovative healthcare sector use of cloud services and

10 Best Practices For Moving Legacy Apps To The Cloud

Perhaps the number-one problem IT faces in its pursuit of cloud computing is the challenge of integrating legacy systems with cloud applications. Most software or application vendors have Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) written that that provide access to the data or processes in their systems, leaving individual IT teams to create the programs and infrastructure

Microsoft Signs Statewide Cloud Deal with Delaware Schools

The Delaware Department of Education has chosen a cloud-based suite of easy-to-use services from Microsoft. Microsoft Live@edu, an innovative suite of online communication and collaboration tools will benefit students, faculty and staff in district and charter schools throughout the state. As per the agreement between the two organizations, about 20,000 faculty and staff will initially

Cloud Computing in the Middle East

Cloud Computing in the Middle East Over the last few months, I have written about cloud computing and associated events across the world. While most of the articles have understandably concentrated on the US, the largest market in the world, Europe, Australia and Asia have also been covered (For a list of these articles, see