Leading National Research Institute Selects Carpathia For Federally Compliant Platform


Secure data center and managed services allow support for prestigious Institute engaged in the fight against infectious diseases  Dulles, Va. – May 21, 2014 – Carpathia, a trusted cloud operator and leading provider of compliant cloud services and managed hosting, announced that the Duke Human Vaccine Institute (DHVI), a leader in the fight against major infectious diseases, has

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Are Cloud Providers Facing A Backlash Over Continued NSA Revelations?


Are Cloud Providers Facing a Backlash Over Continued NSA Revelations? Edward Snowden, the NSA, Heartbleed – it seems every technology story at the moment is in some way linked to these topics. Whether or not you believe that the NSA was directly involved in the Heartbleed security flaw, it is apparent that cloud customers around

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Spectators: The Unsung Champions Of Professional Cloud Gaming Events


Spectators: The Unsung Champions of Professional Cloud Gaming Events Professional video gaming in the cloud has become one of the most exciting new sports venues in recent memory. Hordes of video gamers from all corners of the earth and walks of life, all vie for their share of lucrative prize packages offered by big names

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RapidMiner Releases New PaaS Offering


RapidMiner Releases New PaaS Offering RapidMiner, one of the predictive analytics market leaders, has today announced the release of a Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) version of its RapidMiner Server solution. The company already boasts more than 35,000 deployments worldwide, including clients as diverse as Lufthansa, PayPal, Pepsi, and Volkswagen; they hope this latest release will help increase

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CloudNews: Megaupload: Cloud Or Crime?


CloudNews: Megaupload: Cloud Or Crime? Hollywood and its partners have taken a step further towards the criminalization of Kim Dotcom’s Megaupload, the cloud service which allowed its members to upload files, and then offer those files to whomever they pleased. While Dotcom calls his service a “totally legal cloud storage site”, the American RIAA calls Megaupload

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Big Data And Wearable Technology – Can It Help You Lose Weight?


Big Data and Wearable Technology – Can it Help you Lose Weight? With summer fast approaching people across the land are booking holidays and organising trips to get away from the office for a well-earned rest. As soon as vacations have been booked, lots of people’s minds turn to one thing – losing a few

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