Big Data Privacy In Europe And North America


Big Data Privacy in Europe and North America As we have frequently discussed here on CloudTweaks, the usage of big data around the world is growing exponentially. Businesses, individuals, and governments are all increasingly reliant on the insights it provides, and are progressively basing decisions, policy, and strategy on the output they receive. Nonetheless, big

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The Lighter Side Of The Cloud – New Apps


The Lighter Side Of The Cloud – New Apps By Al Johnson Every Friday, you can visit CloudTweaks to enjoy the most recent comic in our collection! You may also subscribe to our popular newsletter and receive the comic each Friday arriving to your inbox!

Education Paradigm Shift In The Cloud Computing Era

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Education Paradigm Shift In The Cloud Computing Era Cloud computing has emerged as an innovative player in the industry with many organizations as well as individuals reap among numerous benefits that it offers. With its e-learning programs and online education in general, the education industry seems to be leading the way in adopting and making

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David Fletcher: Thank You And Farewell…


David Fletcher: Thank you and Farewell CloudTweaks is sorry to inform our readers that after four years and more than 200 comics our fantastic cartoonist David Fletcher will no longer be working with us on a weekly basis. David’s abilities as both a cartoonist and a comedian have brought us all much pleasure throughout his

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How The Cloud Is Changing Disaster Recovery


How the Cloud is Changing Disaster Recovery Anyone who is a regular reader of this site will know about the cloud’s numerous benefits. Using the cloud can provide businesses with cost-effective resource usage, rapid provisioning, easy scalability and flexible elasticity – benefits that simply don’t exist when using local on-site servers and services. One of

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Cloud-Based Fraud – How Serious Is The Problem?


Cloud-Based Fraud – How Serious Is The Problem? Cloud services have brought untold benefits to both personal users and businesses around the world, but with its success has come a darker side – as the cloud unquestionably helps criminals commit fraud and other illegal activities. Why does it Happen? The cloud’s key benefits, such as

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