Pinup: BitSight Provides Comprehensive Ratings System For Business-Tech Security


Conducting business and communicating with business associates over the internet can be dangerous. From corporate competitors looking to gain insight into your proprietary information, to the black-hat hacker, whose primary goal is chaos and destruction, the internet can many times be just as treacherous as it is helpful. This certainty is what makes a service

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Cloud Infographic: Higher Education


Cloud Infographic: Higher Education As the cloud continues to dominate the enterprise and public sector software market, colleges and post-secondary educational institutions have also started to make large use the technology. According to a 2013 report by CDW, 55% of higher education IT efficiency was attributed to cloud technology, and more than 80% of students

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The Lighter Side Of The Cloud – New Apps


The Lighter Side Of The Cloud – New Apps By Al Johnson Every Friday, you can visit CloudTweaks to enjoy the most recent comic in our collection! You may also subscribe to our popular newsletter and receive the comic each Friday arriving to your inbox!

Don’t Forget Networking In Your Travel Plans To The Cloud


Don’t Forget Networking In Your Travel Plans To The Cloud The term “cloud” was first used by the telecomm industry in early schematics of the Internet to identify the various, non-specific uses data was put to at the end of their cables. The transmission of data was the telecomm industry’s primary focus. What happened in

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The Secret To I of E In The Kitchen? Invisibility


The Secret to I of E in the Kitchen? Invisibility What could be simpler than opening the fridge and grabbing yourself a snack? That’s the challenge for designers and engineers who are looking to bring the Internet of Everything into the kitchen. Eating food is based largely on sensations of hunger, an age-old instinct which

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The Future Of Universities – The Rising Demand For Online Courses


The Future Of Universities – The Rising Demand For Online Courses Online education has now become the talk of the town. With technology being rampant in various spheres of life, students flock towards the option of obtaining online education. The barriers to getting quality education seem to be diminishing as more and more universities including

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Cloud Infographic: Saving Means Sacrificing


Cloud Infographic: Saving Means Sacrificing One of the biggest deciding factors in selecting a cloud service provider are the costs. Companies want to save money and saving money is not only a good thing – but a great thing! Unfortunately, low prices in most cases will reflect in the quality of the services you pay for

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Cloud-Based Knowledge Management


Cloud-Based Knowledge Management The success of organizations mainly depends on constant investment in learning and obtaining new knowledge that creates new businesses and improves existing performances. “The knowledge is considered as strategic company’s resource, the source of competitive advantage and business success in the 21st century.” Many people believe that success of the organization depends

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Education Paradigm Shift In The Cloud Computing Era

external-drive-color (2)

Education Paradigm Shift In The Cloud Computing Era Cloud computing has emerged as an innovative player in the industry with many organizations as well as individuals reap among numerous benefits that it offers. With its e-learning programs and online education in general, the education industry seems to be leading the way in adopting and making

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Is Your Smart TV A Secure TV?


Is Your Smart TV a Secure TV? We tend to think of security problems as the exclusive domain of computers and all too often forget about the other devices and gadgets in our homes. Phones, TVs, tablets, hi-fi systems and any other web-connected smart home appliances are all at risk of being compromised by hackers

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The Internet of Everything: Wearables


The Internet of Everything: Wearables Imagine a hospital gown capable of reading a patient’s vital signs even during a walk to the washroom or around the grounds. Imagine military fatigues capable of detecting gunshots and allowing for split-second protective or retaliatory action against snipers. Imagine your next smartphone as a color-coordinated piece of jewelry mounted

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Pinup: Pertino Brings Cloud Networks To Small Businesses


Pinup: Pertino Brings Cloud Networks To Small Businesses Computing hardware is expensive. No matter what type of virtual activities you are involved in, shelling out money for the hardware side of things has always been part of the process of getting things working successfully. Having powerful software is definitely a good thing; however, without the

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