New Release from Ubuntu, Google Cloud Expands In Asia Pacific


New Release from Ubuntu, Google Cloud Expands in Asia Pacific Ubuntu 14.04 LTS To Be Released April 17th On April 15th, Canonical, the United Kingdom-based company behind open source Linux operating system Ubuntu, announced that cloud platform Ubuntu 14.04 LTS will be released on Thursday, April 17th. Canonical and Ubuntu founder Mark Shuttleworth had this to

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Security Dangers Of Cloud Computing


Security Dangers Of Cloud Computing As we’ve seen on this website, cloud computing has an untold number of virtues. From improved portability to increased green credentials of the IT sector and from revolutionising industries to helping the disabled, it is undeniable that the cloud has radically altered our daily lives. Nonetheless, to assume that cloud

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Onlive And Steam: A Marriage Between The Two Top Names In Cloud Gaming


Onlive and Steam: A Marriage Between the Two Top Names In Cloud Gaming By now, virtually everyone has heard of the implosion of cloud-gaming pioneer, Onlive. The company that was once heralded as the final answer to cloud gaming was forced to file an assignment for the benefit of creditors, which would ultimately put them

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Broadband Speeds Around The World


Broadband Speeds Around The World If you have you ever wondered who has the world’s fastest internet, and whether speeds differ by country or by provider, the latest State of the Internet report from Akamai provides some answers, says Peter Lawson, marketing manager at iiNet, Australia’s second-largest DSL Internet provider. “Akamai,” he states, “gathers data

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How To Take Advantage Of “As-A-Service” To Build Business Value

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How To Take Advantage Of “As-A-Service” To Build Business Value For an IT professional whose status was typically defined by the performance efficiencies of the technology in their data center, it can be a difficult reality to accept that the business value users are able to realize from technology has become the new standard by

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Cosplay And LARPing: Bringing All The Excitement Of Cloud Video Gaming To Real Life


Cosplay and LARPing: Bringing All the Excitement of Cloud Video Gaming To Real Life The mechanics behind why video games in general, and cloud gaming in specific, are so addictive are simple to understand. The ability to interact with a situation completely different than those found in normal life, effectively putting any problems or decisions

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3 Features That Aid Data Monitoring


3 Features that Aid Data Monitoring Choosing the right monitoring tool for your infrastructure is vital to a company’s success. A lack of effective monitoring can increase downtime, harm revenue, hinder SLA performance and ultimately impact negatively on a company’s reputation. With this in mind, CloudTweaks looks at three essential features for any monitoring tool…

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