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Dell Advances IaaS with Cloud Offering

Dell Advances IaaS with Cloud Offering Dell has introduced industry’s first OpenStack Infrastructure-as-a-Service Cloud solution. The all new Dell OpenStack Cloud Solution is touted to further advance the adoption of open source Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS). Dell OpenStack Cloud Solution integrates the OpenStack cloud operating system, cloud-optimized Dell PowerEdge C servers, the Dell-developed “Crowbar” OpenStack installer, and…

Your Data in Australia is subject to the US Patriot Act

Your Data in Australia is subject to the US Patriot Act One of the great advantages of cloud computing is the ability to compute across borders, thereby insulating a business from any localized issue that can potentially disrupt work (Earthquakes and Cloud Computing ). However, this necessarily means that business data is scattered across the…

YouSendIt Launches New Services For Business Collaboration in the Cloud – Anytime, Anywhere

YouSendIt Launches New Services For Business Collaboration in the Cloud – Anytime, Anywhere First cloud collaboration service to offer integrated approach for sending, sharing & signing documents online, with unlimited storage July 26, 2011 — Campbell, Calif., – YouSendIt, Inc., a leader in cloud-based collaboration services, today significantly expands its services for an increasingly distributed…

Practical Applications of Cloud Hosting

When compared to the traditional shared or dedicated server environment, the emergence of cloud hosting has presented a viable alternative for growing businesses looking for cost effective IT solutions. Understanding the Cloud By its nature, cloud computing is largely unencumbered by the deficiencies that are often associated with traditional servers. The cloud revolves around a…

Mainframes in the Age of Cloud Computing

Mainframes in the Age of Cloud Computing Mainframes may be 1960s technology, but they still manage a huge portion of the world’s data. This is mainly because of two reasons – i) continuous improvement of the technology and ii) the huge costs involved in changing them en masse. However, in today’s world of cloud computing… Cloud File Sharing Service Acquires Domain Name for $115,000

Cloud File Sharing Service has acquired the domain name ‘’ $115,000 Minus is a cloud-based, out of the box, straight-forward file sharing platform which allows the users to upload and share photos, music, videos, PDFs and more… The site is focused on making everything simple and naturally convenient for the users. The site looks, sounds, interacts…

Changing Business with Cloud Computing

Changing Business with Cloud Computing In today’s business climate, instant adaptation and scalability is critical. Planning and preparing for increased web traffic, spikes in the use of computer resources, disaster recovery, and day-to-day business operations is key. Loss of business due to system overload or breakdown leads not only to loss of revenue and customer…

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