Cloud Emerges As Inevitable Transformer Of Auto Exterior Design

Cloud Emerges as Inevitable Transformer of Auto Exterior Design The basic rationale for designing a hull of a vehicle is to improve functional reliability. For this reason, the interior and exterior must be at par, with each aiding the other. To facilitate this coercion, cloud computing technology has come to the rescue with its virtual

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The Lighter Side Of The Cloud – Data Breach


The Lighter Side Of The Cloud – Data Breach By David Fletcher Our comic collection has simply taken the light side of cloud computing to a whole new level.  So after a long day’s work in the cloud, you can stop by our comic library for that much deserved moment of fun before you call it

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Cloud Infographic: The Power Of Healthcare Data


Cloud Infographic: The Power Of Healthcare Data Cloud computing technologies are on the rise in the healthcare industry. From large hospitals to physicians and administrators to small medical services providers, all have seen cost savings from implementing and utilizing cloud-based solutions. Read… Cloud Computing Tools For Doctors… This infographic by Netapp illustrates some of the

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Cloud Based VoiP – Unlimited Opportunities For Businesses Of All Sizes

Cloud Based VoiP – Unlimited Opportunities For Businesses Of All Sizes Companies around the globe are continuously seeking new ways to be competitive in rough economic times. A recent report estimated the VoIP market will reach $377 billion by 2016, emphasizing that many businesses around the globe are taking advantage of the enhanced communication and

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How Cloud Has Transformed The Customer Support Business


How Cloud has transformed the Customer Support Business Nowadays almost any type of software you can imagine is available to use straight from the cloud. People are longer needed to install the software as it happened only a few years ago, because the data is streamed right on their browsers. There’s no need to mention

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Outsourcing Agile Cloud Development: A New Frontier

Cliff Great Wall China

Outsourcing Agile Cloud Development: A New Frontier The rise in cloud popularity has brought a corresponding increase in the number of companies outsourcing their cloud software development. Yet things can get a bit complicated when a business sets out to find a compatible partner. While companies know they need to find a supplier that can deliver

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Cloud Infographic: 94% Of Healthcare Organizations Breached


Cloud Infographic: 94% Of Healthcare Organizations Breached Greg Arnette, CTO of Sonian, a company that creates cloud-based technologies for businesses says that the healthcare industry has needed a more resilient network that is more up-to-speed than the average hospital’s IT network can offer. The most enticing part of a cloud computing system is the consistency in speed,

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Heroes Of The Cloud – Part 9


Heroes of the Cloud – Part 9 A study of Cloud Computing should include not only the companies and entrepreneurs who have raised the Cloud from a concept to “the next big thing” in Information Technology. The study should also include those who have come to depend on the power of the Cloud. Earlier in

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Past Predictions In The Automotive Cloud Gradually Evolving To Reality


Past Predictions in the Automotive Cloud Gradually Evolving to Reality Many of the predictions in the automotive sector that happened in previous years are evolving into a competitive reality. They are becoming more practical than one probably thought they could be. However, some are taking an about turn and making a leap for the better

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Cloud Security Issues And The Role Of Managed Cloud Services


Cloud Security Issues and the Role of Managed Cloud Services The changing demands of business operations have made Cloud Computing rise in popularity in the last few years. Cloud Computing has become one of the fastest growing segment of IT by providing promising business concepts and economic viability. The prevailing recession has also led organizations

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Enabling Optimization Of Cloud Usage – CloudCheckr

Map (CloudTweaks)

Enabling Optimization of Cloud Usage – CloudCheckr With the growing popularity of cloud computing, and enterprises opting for migrating significant chunks of their IT infrastructures and services on public clouds like AWS, the need for performance optimization is being realized as one of the major issues. According to a report published by Ernst & Young,

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Heroes Of The Cloud – Part 8


Heroes Of The Cloud – Part 8 As we study the innovators who have helped make cloud computing a reality, it becomes apparent that significant and lasting success in the Cloud field depends as much on entrepreneurial vision as it does technical savvy. Harnessing the technology to get a group of servers, or even server

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Actionable Analytics Emerging As A Corporate Cloud Computing Trend


Actionable Analytics Emerging as a Corporate Cloud Computing Trend The major premise of cloud actionable analytics is having a budget-worthy processor and dedicated staff. The agility of businesses lies in the way they analyze their operations in and out. They have to strategize on ways to improve their productivity while cutting costs. In the past,

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Four Human Characteristics Given To Cloud Computing


Four Human Characteristics Given To Cloud Computing I have always admired the haughtiness of most people when it comes to making everything more human. It truly is a testament to our own sense of entitlement that we must make nonhuman concepts and objects, and change them so we can take an interest in them. We

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