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Cloud Confusion: The ‘Fluffy White Thing’ And The Potential Within

Cloud Confusion: The ‘Fluffy White Thing’ And The Potential Within A recently conducted national survey has revealed that the layman American consumer is not precisely aware of what cloud computing in actual is and how, in essence, does it function. The research survey, initiated by Citrix and carried out by Wakefield Research, incorporated responses from

Cloud Security: Fears And Challenges

Cloud Security: Fears And Challenges Recent studies have shown that more than 60% of IT managers admit to security as the main stumbling block to their integration of cloud computing, with data protection and a perceived lack of regulation being their chief concerns. In another global study by IBM that involved more than 500 IT

Moving To The Cloud, Pros And Cons

Moving to the Cloud, Pros and Cons There is no doubt that the future of application consumption will be done through the cloud, but like everything else in this world there will be pros and cons. Change is always a daunting opponent, and for a business that have already established standards and processes, changing them

ROI (Return on Investment) From Cloud Computing

ROI (Return on Investment) from Cloud Computing A business organization often measures the value of investments or any move that requires money in terms of the return on investment (ROI). Perhaps it is the only reason that top management will agree to any proposal, especially bold ones like adapting the relatively new and untested cloud

Is My Public Cloud Too Public? Part 4

Is My Public Cloud Too Public? Part 4

Taking the bull by the horns—Secure Identity, Information, and Infrastructure Continued From Part 3 Public cloud computing requires a security model that reconciles scalability and multi-tenancy with the need for trust. As enterprises move their computing environments along with their identities, information and infrastructure to the cloud, they must be willing to give up some level