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Business Intelligence, Tablet Computers and Cloud Computing – A New Dimension

Unlocking the value of business intelligence, tablet computers and cloud computing – a new dimension The mobile workforce using tablet computers aided by cloud computing, is providing companies with a greater depth of business intelligence The Business Intelligence (BI), is a rapidly evolving market, with technological advances needing BI systems to be far more sophisticated

Taking a Closer Look at the iCloud

Taking a Closer Look at the iCloud Apple is set to change the technology world again. And this time it is entering the cloud computing realm. With the recent announcement of the iCloud service, it has embarked in a crusade to change the way customers store and access their files and applications. iCloud is an

Apple Set to Unveil iCloud Services

Apple Set to Unveil iCloud Services Apple is set to unveil its new cloud service iCloud that is designed to improve how users can access content across different Apple devices. iCloud from Apple is expected to retain the company’s dominance in the smartphone and tablet markets and avoid customers to buy mobile devices from the