What The Gartner Big Data 2013 Report Means For The Industry


What The Gartner Big Data 2013 Report Means For The Industry Gartner’s 2013 Big Data survey was recently released and has highlighted some of the long held beliefs in Big Data with survey evidence to prove it. The survey itself was primarily focused on companies currently working with Gartner. Despite this, due to the numbers and

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How Cloud Services Have Changed The Mindset Of Outsourcing


How Cloud Services Have Changed the Mindset of Outsourcing The business of information technology outsourcing has been dominated by sizable companies such as IBM, CSC, ASC and others that provide a comprehensive line card of IT services.  These mammoth outsourcers were viewed as a one-stop-shop delivering IT services ranging from level-1 help desk to level-3

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Cloud Infographic: Data – You Cannot Stop It


Cloud Infographic: Data – You Cannot Stop It We have covered hundreds of articles with relation to Big Data here at CloudTweaks over the years. We clearly understand its big business and there is a growing need to recruit the right people in order to help us better analyse and uncover important key elements found within

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Consumerization Is Revolutionizing “File Sync And Share” Services


Consumerization is revolutionizing “file sync and share” services for the highly regulated asset management industry. The Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) movement has gained significant popularity in the corporate world and is rapidly changing how enterprises share information. Consumerization of devices in asset management – the migration of features, feel and functionality of mainstream consumer

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Cloud Infographic: Big Data Scientists Need Apply


Cloud Infographic: Big Data Scientists Need Apply “Harnessing Big Data to Grow Revenue” 90 percent of the world’s big data was created in the past two years alone. Despite the volume and scope of this data, however, businesses are often at a loss when it comes to effectively using it to drive user engagement and

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Algosec Study: Examining The Impact Of Security Management On The Business


The Impact of Security Management on the Business Survey of 240 information security professionals, network operations and application owners at organizations worldwide. Included is a recent  survey provided courtesy of the group over at Algosec.com A key finding in the study shows that many organizations have yet to migrate a significant percentage of their business

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Cloud Startup: Zuora – Helping Businesses Shift To Subscription-Based Sales


Startup Zuora: Helping Businesses Shift To Subscription-Based Sales Via Their SaaS AndThe Cloud Over the years, there has been an evolution of how companies sell products; especially as companies are building new business models to reflect the changing commerce world with online sales and such. Seeing as startups are building from the ground up integrating a

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Business Versus Technical Cloud Brokers And Why It Matters


Business versus Technical Cloud Brokers and Why it Matters Gartner predicts “By 2015, at least 20% of all cloud services will be consumed via internal or external cloud service brokerages, rather than directly, up from less than 5% today.” Thus, it is important to understand what a cloud broker is and what they do; however,

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Disaster Recovery And Business Continuity – Flirting With Disaster

DimensionData Graphic

Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity – Flirting With Disaster  Nobody likes to think about the bad things that can happen in life, but all too often, history has shown that procrastinating on safeguards means a bigger and more expensive cleanup to follow. This is why, in business, the principles of Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity

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