Cloud Computing And Virtualization

Cloud Computing And Virtualization People often ask what is the real difference of cloud computing and “the internet” or “ isn’t the internet already cloud computing”. I often tell them that cloud computing does not equal the internet or vice-versa, the internet is simply the best delivery platform that cloud computing can make use of. You can have a

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Cloud Computing And Big Data

Cloud Computing And Big Data The cloud is all about applications, media and information. But of the three, media seems to be the largest with applications coming in at close second, while information ranks last place. But what we are seeing in the last two years suggests that information and other data is gaining ground and will

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Top 25 European Rising Stars 2012: Nektoon AG

Top 25 European Rising Stars 2012 – Nektoon AG ……Nektoon AG: The Take-it-all Elastic Notebook? Nekton AG is a Swiss startup that operates under its trademark of the Memonic website. Its repertoire of products combines note taking-based and bookmarking-formulated software, syncing all into a cloud environment. The program helps to attach, mark, clip and save

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Top 25 European Rising Stars 2012: CanvasDropr

Canvas Dropper Startup

Top 25 European Rising Stars 2012: CanvasDropr ….File Sharing The Visual Way, Software Compatibility the Smooth way-CanvasDropr The first thing that meets the eye in CanvasDropr’s blog is the lurid presentation of information. It is like the team from Denmark are indeed technically showing just how smooth their synchronization technology can get. They are masters,

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Major Cloud Outages Of 2012 To Learn From

Major Cloud Outages of 2012 to Learn From According to a recent report by the International Working Group on Cloud Computing Resiliency, each year a cloud computing service is usually down for an average of 7.5 hours.  Companies who use the cloud for running their operations totally or partially were severely affected this year. So,

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Benefits Of Cloud-Based Disaster Recovery

Benefits of Cloud-Based Disaster Recovery Developing a proper disaster recovery plan is quite a challenging task for any type of organization, especially small and medium business segments. When a disaster strikes your business, restoring it can be a really arduous task. Many companies are implementing cloud computing services for their disaster recovery plan. Cloud-based disaster recovery can be described

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Cloud Infographic: Avoid Outrageous Mobile Data Expenses


Cloud Infographic: Avoid Outrageous Mobile Data Expenses Cloud computing has impacted the telecommunications industry across crucial fronts and now is in the process of amply changing its ecosystem.  As telecommunication architectures move towards a more cloud-oriented structure, there will be more demand on self-services. This is even more significant in the mobile telecoms where people are now

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Cloud Infographic: 2012 Internet & Mobile Trends

2012 Internet and Mobile Trends

Cloud Infographic: 2012 Internet & Mobile Trends Two major trends transforming industries today – mobile and cloud – are acting as catalysts for a renewed focus on this critical area of security. As mobile devices proliferate at a staggering pace, enterprises see a rich new channel through which to reach customers. Enterprises are also realizing

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IT as a Service Emerges As The Most Tangible Trend In Cloud Computing

IT as a Service Emerges As The Most Tangible Trend In Cloud Computing The face of the way people always approached their technical computer hitches might change if this has not occurred already. The latest trends showcase changes sweeping across the sector that are overthrowing IT staff in favor of data centers and end-users. This

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Cloud Infographic: The Grinch Who Stole Data


Cloud Infographic: The Grinch Who Stole Data While we are all very happy about the entire cloud data storage concept and feel that it’s a breath of relief from the constant battle against malware, key loggers, PC monitoring software, and whatnot, we tend to forget that there are steps which we need to take to

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Is Desktop Virtualization The Way To Go?

Is Desktop Virtualization the Way to go? Desktop virtualization is now becoming synonymous to business continuity in the cloud computing context, or at least they are so interrelated that you cannot consider one without even mentioning the other. As important as business continuity is for business-driven organizations, desktop virtualization is also key for any business continuity solution to

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Top 25 European Rising Stars 2012: YobiDrive


Top 25 European Risng Stars: YobiDrive ….YobiDrive: A Smart Choice for Cryptographic File Sharing on The Cloud The Top 25 European Rising Stars is a special annual series by CloudTweaks, where we seek to celebrate new cloud startups that have demonstrated the strongest impact across the year. These have earned little or no press coverage

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Lessons From The Hobbit: Cloud Computing Education

Lessons from the Hobbit for Cloud Computing Education Though he penned it in 1937, J.R.R. Tolkien had much coming for the writer on cloud computing topics of this time and age, in the twenty first century. The Hobbit movie, a Middle earth tale of the coming-out-of-the-hole, fear and snugness of a hobbit which leads to far-reaching exploits

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