3 Features That Aid Data Monitoring


3 Features that Aid Data Monitoring Choosing the right monitoring tool for your infrastructure is vital to a company’s success. A lack of effective monitoring can increase downtime, harm revenue, hinder SLA performance and ultimately impact negatively on a company’s reputation. With this in mind, CloudTweaks looks at three essential features for any monitoring tool…

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Cloud Gaming Solutions For Android Games Have Arrived


Cloud Gaming Solutions For Android Games Have Arrived Mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets, are fast becoming one of the top ways to play video games. Hits, such as Angry Birds, Temple Run and Candy Crush Saga, have all garnered tens of millions of downloads and have truly become icons of the video-gaming industry

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Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella Continues Stellar Start With Windows Azure


Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella Continues Stellar Start With Windows Azure At last week’s BUILD developer conference in San Francisco, Microsoft announced major changes to their cloud computing platform, Windows Azure. These changes included added support for foreign languages and third-party tools, and the introduction of the Azure Preview Portal, which allows developers to build and

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10 Extensions To Improve Google Drive


10 Extensions to Improve Google Drive Google Drive is rapidly become the cloud storage market leader. Its integration with Google’s other apps, its default inclusion with Google Apps for Business, and its 100GB of free memory with a Chromebook purchase have seen it explode to more than 130 million users since launch in April 2012.

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Pinup: WalkMe Secures $11 Million Venture Capital Funding


WalkMe Secures $11 Million in Recent Round of Venture Capital Funding The aptly-named startup WalkMe is revolutionizing the way customers navigate company websites, and they provide a more effective method for businesses to use to train their employees. Their product makes help menus and FAQs, which can themselves be a headache for users, obsolete by offering a

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Could Amazon Become The Next Big Name In Cloud Gaming?


Could Amazon Become the Next Big Name In Cloud Gaming?  When cloud-gaming pioneer, Onlive, suffered its much-hyped setback in 2012, questions began popping up all over the internet from both industry professionals and end users alike. Is this the end of cloud gaming? If not, who will take over the reins as the go-to name

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Pinup: SkyKick Application Suite Simplifies The Migration To Office 365


Pinup: SkyKick Application Suite Simplifies The Migration To Office 365 Microsoft Office 365 allows customers to pay a subscription fee and rent out Microsoft’s popular and effective Office applications, including Outlook, Publisher, and Access, plus the addition of OneDrive for online storage. Business editions of Office 365 offer online access to 3 additional products: Exchange,

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Cloud Infographic: Evolution Of The Backup


Cloud Infographic: Evolution Of The Backup Even though cloud backup solutions have matured a lot over the past ten years, many enterprises are still in the storage-tape era. Although discs and optical drives were supposed to kill them in the 1990s, tapes have hung on. While consumers have waved goodbye to their VHS and audio

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Playstation Now: An In-Depth Look At Sony’s Upcoming Cloud Platform


Playstation Now: An In-Depth Look At Sony’s Upcoming Cloud Platform Sony has long been one of the leading names in electronics in general, and video gaming in specific. The original Playstation console was the first to ever reach 100 million units sold, while the Playstation 2 is currently the top selling console of all time.

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Pinup: Piston – Makes Creating Servers Easy


Piston Cloud Computing Makes Creating and Managing Private Cloud Servers Easy with OpenStack 3.0  What is OpenStack? OpenStack is a project that shares a free, open source cloud computing Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), written in the Python coding language. This project was initiated by Rackspace Hosting and NASA in July 2010. Big name tech

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Could Indie Gaming Grow Into A Challenge For Big Game Publishers?


Could Indie Gaming Grow Into a Challenge for Big Game Publishers? I will be the first to admit, I am a Steam junkie. The sheer number of different games available for purchase or demo is staggering, providing choices no matter what budgetary constraints I am under. All of the industry staples are here, including giants

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The Truth About Clouds And Data: Can Your Storage Survive Climate Change?

Gokul Sathiacama

The Truth About Clouds and Data: Can Your Storage Survive Climate Change? Just like real clouds, cloud infrastructure is in constant flux. No cloud looks the same way twice. That’s the trouble with traditional storage architectures. They pretend that the cloud they serve either stays the same in a neat little box, or grows steadily in

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The Challenges Of Multi-tenancy


The Challenges of Multi-tenancy Regarded as one of the most important features of cloud computing, multi-tenancy is a key common attribute of both public and private spaces. It applies to all three layers of a cloud (IaaS, PaaS and SaaS) and refers to a software architecture design in which a single instance of a software

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