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Film And The Cloud

Film and The Cloud So how are cloud companies and film companies working together, and what’s new? Let’s find out. Did you know that Channel 4, PBS, Fox Entertainment Group and many more media companies all use Amazon’s public cloud service? Of course Amazon with it’s billions behind it will be at the forefront of…

I Am Competing As Well: Amazon

I am competing as well: Amazon Well, how many of us could have imagined that one of the pioneers of cloud computing – Amazon, would have started feeling the heat of competition so early in the domain. However the fact is that Amazon has recently re-worked its marketing and pricing strategies and has started pushing aggressively on consumer…

Infosys Launches Its Unified Cloud Ecosystem

Infosys Launches Its Unified Cloud Ecosystem With so many cloud options in hand, convergence is the need of the day. This was the focus of HP’s big recent push into cloud computing (See: “Waiting for Cloud Standards Is Like Waiting for Godot” ). Now, Indian IT consulting major Infosys has announced the launch of the Infosys Cloud…

Cloud Storage And Accounting: A New Way To Account For Your Business

Cloud Storage and Accounting: A New Way to Account for Your Business When a company purchases accounting software, it is typically installed on one or two computers and stored within an in-house network where individuals can access integral business and financial information. Unfortunately, if the network goes down or the software crashes, this information is…

Advantages Of Cloud Based Applications For Small Business

Advantages Of Cloud Based Applications For Small Business Improving SMEs operations in the most cost-effective manner possible is a major concern for managers and owners. The main reasons for which small business owners implement cloud based applications are: cost-effectiveness, ease of implementation, and the lower cost of purchase. Cost For most small businesses’ managers, saving…

The Lighter Side Of The Cloud: Magical

The Lighter Side Of The Cloud: Magical

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