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Cloud Storage: Changes Coming To Online Storage

Cloud Storage: Changes Coming To Online Storage

Changes Coming to Online Storage One of the big cloud technologies to filter down to the consumer level in the past year has been online storage. Services like Dropbox are adding thousands of members a day. Even Apple, after two previous failed attempts, seems to have found a successful online storage product in iCloud. Like…

How The Accounting Industry Is Being Changed By Cloud Computing

 The Accounting Industry The market for accounting and tax services are in quandary primarily because customers are gearing towards bookkeeping services which are less costly and that big accountancy firms are pushing other players out of the high-priced market. However, all is not lost. Accountants must see it as a challenge. With the current financial…

Education: Why Cloud Computing?

Education: Why Cloud Computing? There are a lot of good reasons why schools, both in the lower and higher education sectors, should adopt cloud computing and embed such into their systems. In this article, we are going to talk about the different benefits, as well as some of the disadvantages and limitations of using cloud computing.…

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