An In-Depth Look At Where Industry Leaders Project Cloud Gaming Will Go In 2014


An In-Depth Look At Where Industry Leaders Project Cloud Gaming Will Go In 2014 2014 is poised to become the year that cloud gaming truly came into its own. Recent headlines, such as the acquisition of Gakai by Sony and the partnership of Onlive and Steam, all show that the biggest names in the tech

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Broadband Speeds Around The World


Broadband Speeds Around The World If you have you ever wondered who has the world’s fastest internet, and whether speeds differ by country or by provider, the latest State of the Internet report from Akamai provides some answers, says Peter Lawson, marketing manager at iiNet, Australia’s second-largest DSL Internet provider. “Akamai,” he states, “gathers data

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Cloud Infographic: Big Data Investments

Big Data Starups Investment Infographic - Big Data means Big Buc

Cloud Infographic: Big Data Investments We have covered the evolution of Big Data several times over the years and have more recently discussed new areas of interest such as big data in films, advertising and even sports. With the growing interest in this area there is certain to be considerable interest and investments being made. Included

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Cosplay And LARPing: Bringing All The Excitement Of Cloud Video Gaming To Real Life


Cosplay and LARPing: Bringing All the Excitement of Cloud Video Gaming To Real Life The mechanics behind why video games in general, and cloud gaming in specific, are so addictive are simple to understand. The ability to interact with a situation completely different than those found in normal life, effectively putting any problems or decisions

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How Cloud Computing Is Assisting The Disabled


How Cloud Computing is Assisting the Disabled  Technology is now playing an increasingly pivotal role in our daily lives, so much so that several people take it for granted. While it undoubtedly aids the lives of the able-bodied, the benefits that it can bring to the disabled are huge in comparison. There is already cloud-based

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Pinup: WalkMe Secures $11 Million Venture Capital Funding


WalkMe Secures $11 Million in Recent Round of Venture Capital Funding The aptly-named startup WalkMe is revolutionizing the way customers navigate company websites, and they provide a more effective method for businesses to use to train their employees. Their product makes help menus and FAQs, which can themselves be a headache for users, obsolete by offering a

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Could Indie Gaming Grow Into A Challenge For Big Game Publishers?


Could Indie Gaming Grow Into a Challenge for Big Game Publishers? I will be the first to admit, I am a Steam junkie. The sheer number of different games available for purchase or demo is staggering, providing choices no matter what budgetary constraints I am under. All of the industry staples are here, including giants

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