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News: Cloud Tech Giants Earnings Report

News: Cloud Tech Giants Earnings Report

Cloud Tech Giants

The five biggest U.S. technology companies have shown they can dominate a massive market. Investors are waiting to see if they can replicate that success.

Apple, Alphabet, Microsoft, Facebook and are worth a combined $2.2 trillion, and are five of the 10 most valuable businesses in the S&P 500. That’s a big bet on staying power. With their core markets maturing, the tech leaders will provide critical updates on the status of new businesses in their first-quarter earnings reports.

Amazon has made the most headway establishing a second act with its Amazon Web Services division, which is on pace to generate $10 billion in annual revenue. With a far higher profit margin than its e-commerce business, Amazon has attracted a whole new class of investors that view the company as a computing pioneer.

But Microsoft and Google are investing heavily in their own clouds and competing with AWS for the rapid shift in dollars from traditional data centers to the cloud.

Microsoft’s challenge is proving it can expand without sacrificing the fat margins it captures in its legacy Windows business. Meanwhile, practically all of Google’s revenue comes from online advertising, and the search leader has to show it can build and sell services to large corporations.

One of the broadest trends in technology today is this massive shift to cloud computing — towards small business, medium-size and large-size enterprises moving more and more of their processes, their workloads and their databases up into the cloud,” said Mark Mahaney, an internet analyst at RBC Capital Markets. “The company that’s most driving that and most benefiting from that has been and we think will continue to be Amazon...”

Read The Full Article: CNBC

Ford Fusion IoT Sensors Can Help Navigate In Pitch Darkness

Ford Fusion IoT Sensors Can Help Navigate In Pitch Darkness

Ford Fusion IoT Sensors

Ford is hard at work testing autonomous technology in a fleet of self-driving Fusion Hybrid sedan prototypes, and the automaker is pretty proud of just how well the car’s sensors perform. If fact, the LIDAR (a laser-range-finding technology) mounted atop the Ford Fusion Hybrid can see perfectly well even in pitch darkness with the car’s headlights turned off.

Although Ford self-driving cars will use regular cameras, too, the video below is intended to show just how much data the LIDAR sensor produces. By shooting out millions of laser pulses per second and measuring how long it takes for them to be reflected back to the sensor, the car’s computers can build an accurate map of its surroundings…

Full Article Source: AutomobileMag

Microsoft vs Amazon and the Public Cloud War

Microsoft vs Amazon and the Public Cloud War

Public Cloud War Continues

Microsoft Executive Vice President Scott Guthrie has fired back at Amazon in the ongoing public cloud wars, announcing a set of new capabilities for Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform.

Guthrie showed off a variety of new capabilities for Azure during a keynote address on Thursday, the second day of Microsoft’s Build developer conference. The features  include a new Azure Functions service, which lets developers set up functions that activate whenever a particular event happens.

Developers don’t have to set up the compute capabilities necessary to run the function, either: Azure handles all of that for them.

It’s a direct competitor to the Amazon Web Services Lambda service, which provides developers with similar functionality. Both services are interesting because they allow developers to create functions in the cloud and run them without having to worry about managing infrastructure, something we’re likely to see even more of as the public cloud market matures…

Full Article Source: PCworld/IDG News Service

Is FBI set to open encrypted iPhone: Report

Is FBI set to open encrypted iPhone: Report

Israel’s Cellebrite, a provider of mobile forensic software, is helping the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation’s attempt to unlock an iPhone used by one of the San Bernardino, California shooters, the Yedioth Ahronoth newspaper reported on Wednesday.

If Cellebrite succeeds, then the FBI will no longer need the help of Apple Inc, the Israeli daily said, citing unnamed industry sources.

Cellebrite officials declined to comment on the matter.

Apple is engaged in a legal battle with the U.S. Justice Department over a judge’s order that it write new software to disable passcode protection on the iPhone used by the shooter.

The two sides were set to face off in court on Tuesday, but on Monday a federal judge agreed to the government’s request to postpone the hearing after U.S. prosecutors said a “third party” had presented a possible method for opening an encrypted iPhone.

The development could bring an abrupt end to the high-stakes legal showdown which has become a lightning rod for a broader debate on data privacy in the United States…

Full Article Source: Reuters

How Collaboration Technology Is Shaping the Modern Workplace

How Collaboration Technology Is Shaping the Modern Workplace

Collaboration Technology

Thanks to the innovation and constant developments of the Cloud, organizations have a global reach both front of house with regards to customer access, service delivery, and product expansion, as well as in the backbone of their establishments via remotely located employees and offices. Statista forecasts the number of smartphone users to reach 2.08 billion in 2016, making it clear that now, more than ever before, we are a mobile world.


(Image Source: Statista)

This increase in mobile connectivity has fostered a culture of real-time communication and instant gratification, and successful organizations take advantage of this immediacy of information.

Instant Information

Though business collaboration tools connecting divided employees have long been available, recent technology has made them practical, user-friendly, and immediate. Multisite offices communicate promptly with one another, and remote workers need never be out of the loop. Moreover, getting a team together for a meeting need not be a scheduling ordeal should collaboration tools that make it possible to connect via any device from anywhere be implemented.


Effective teamwork promotes organizational strength through unity and support, and a recent study from Dimension Data found that collaboration technology is essential to driving teamwork. Properly informed and connected teams are better able to work in harmony and thereby accomplish tasks quickly and deliver promptly. Furthermore, making relevant materials and information instantly accessible, with updates and revisions immediately implemented, can reduce duplication of effort, diminish time requirements, and improve employee satisfaction and working relationships.

Face-to-Face Interaction Surmounting Remote Challenges


Though the telephone, and more recently email, make it possible to communicate quickly, these tools have never quite managed to achieve the level of communication that face-to-face engagements accomplish. Just as a picture paints a thousand words, so visual communication provides the necessary appreciation of emotion and nuance conveyed through body language. With better communication comes greater cooperation, enriched comprehension, and fruitful collaboration.

Collaboration Technology

BogdanCarstoiuToday’s collaboration technology is quickly advancing, and effective systems provide the tools for satisfying teamwork through instant information and superior interpersonal communication. Says Bogdan Carstoiu, CEO of Hubgets, “[People]
want instant communication because they have it everywhere outside the office and it’s a great way to stay in touch with everyone.” Hubgets delivers a user-friendly solution that breaks down distance barriers, keeps track of and organizes communications, and unites employees, whilst carefully guarding against intrusion through intuitive features designed from ground up to reduce interruptions and enable users to take charge of their time. “Our challenge,” explains Carstoiu, “was to build an application that doesn’t abuse people’s time and limits the number of interruptions. This is totally different to what most apps try – to capture the entire user attention.”

Successful businesses are no longer relying on email chains and second-hand telephone conversations that tend to lose track of core focuses with each forward or rendition, but instead are shaping their workplaces to be efficient, information-driven, and concentrated hubs that provide fulfilling and gratifying engagement through better collaboration technology. Hubgets is a browser-based collaboration solution that helps employees instantly share knowledge through chat, voice, and video, eliminating distractions and contrivances which interfere with productivity. The app solves the paradox of keeping employees connected and well informed while providing them with a collaborative environment that allows them to take hold of their time and focus on their work.

Designed to natively gather and centralize the information available in communication flows between employees and with people outside the company, Hubgets creates a valuable knowledge base that all employees benefit from. The advanced search engine at the core of the app enables employees to instantly find the information they need. Due to the instant access to the knowledge produced on projects and tasks, employees work more efficiently and deliver end-results much faster.

In Hubgets, communication flows converge into workflows that remain transparent at all times. Managers have full visibility over work progress and can track information flowing in and out the company. By working with that kind of transparency and having the tools to access, use, and reuse the company knowledge, employees and managers are much more likely to become more productive and achieve business goals.

By Jennifer Klostermann

Avaya Reimagines The Possibilities Of Communications With Zang

Avaya Reimagines The Possibilities Of Communications With Zang

Possibilities of Communications with Zang

Zang delivers the first all-in-one cloud communication and applications-as-a-service platform that lets anyone build custom, communications-enabled apps

Enterprise Connect 2016, Orlando, Fla. Booth #1707—March 9, 2016— Avaya today unveiled Zang,™ an innovative cloud communications platform and communication applications- as- a-service that revolutionizes the way businesses can use communications to connect with their customers and employees.

With 79% of IT teams currently developing apps for customers, partners and employees, 100% cloud-based Zang offers easy to use drag and drop tools, pre-built applications and robust APIs that make it possible for anyone to leverage the best of the web to quickly build and deploy applications that communications-enable consumer or enterprise applications and services.

What’s unique and exciting about Zang?

  • Zang combines a communications platform-as-a service (cPaaS) with rapid app development, which allows quick and easy creation of infinitely customizable communication experiences.
  • Zang communication applications work standalone or can be embedded into other applications, providing ultimate flexibility.
  • Out-of-the-box applications like Zang’s persistent team collaboration solution scales from a few users to thousands that are secure and accessible from mobile and desktop devices.
  • Zang connects popular collaboration apps like Google Hangouts with business solutions like or SAP for a seamless user experience.
  • Zang comes with simple SDKs, sample apps and the ability to use other third-party communications apps, which speed adoption and value creation.

Smart apps built on Zang allow people to define how they want to work and connect. Zang enables easy “click-to-connect” communications with high quality video, chat, voice, SMS and document sharing from mobile, web or desktop environments. Unlike other solutions today that offer rudimentary APIs, Zang’s highly interoperable platform provides complete workflow automation and sophisticated application development capabilities. This means developers end-users can use Zang apps with other communications apps like Cisco Spark, Skype for Business, and Google Hangouts to enable every day work applications and customers’ favorite touch-points.

Zang is already proven with customers. Thousands of developers have been using Zang’s communications services, including TelTech Corporation, whose TapeACall app is currently the #4 top grossing app in the business category of the iTunes app store.

The Zang communications platform is now available in the U.S. Companies that want to add voice and SMS capabilities to their mobile and web applications and services can do so by signing up for Zang services at


The confluence of cloud applications and marketplaces with the ubiquity and availability of mobile devices is driving a focus on communication as an escalation point from within other applications. Companies are looking to augment existing environments with open and extensible API-based apps that can syndicate a number of app services to quickly deliver mass scale for the user base.”

— Vanessa Thompson, research vice president, Collaboration & Communities, IDC

We are truly excited to unveil Zang today in front of thousands at the Enterprise Connect event. With Zang, Avaya continues to change the way companies communicate with customers and employees. Zang helps connect the right people to the right information at the right time via the right communications media to drive better outcomes.

–Gary E. Barnett, SVP and GM, Avaya Engagement Solutions

Similar to how WordPress made it easy to design a website, Zang enables anyone to build and deploy a communications app without needing technical expertise.  For instance, with Zang’s drag-and-drop functionality, an office manager at the dentist can create a personalized mobile app for patients to automate reminders. The possibilities are limited only to the imaginations of end-users.

–Mohammad Nezarati, GM, Zang, Inc. 

Note to the media: join a live teleconference with Gary Barnett and Mo Nezarati at 11:45 a.m. Eastern  to hear additional details.  Dial: 888-632-3384    Conference ID: AV0309

Listeners should access the call 10 minutes before the start time to ensure they are connected prior to the beginning of the call.  A replay of the conference call will be available beginning at 1:30 p.m. Eastern on March 9 and available through March 12, 2016. Replay dial in: 800-727-5306 or 402-220-2670. Conference ID: AV0309

Salesforce Research: 2016 State of IT Report  

About Avaya

Avaya is a leading provider of solutions that enable customer and team engagement across multiple channels and devices for better customer experience, increased productivity and enhanced financial performance. Its world-class contact center and unified communications technologies and services are available in a wide variety of flexible on-premises and cloud deployment options that seamlessly integrate with non-Avaya applications. The Avaya Engagement Environment enables third parties to create and customize business applications for competitive advantage.  The Avaya fabric-based networking solutions help simplify and accelerate the deployment of business critical applications and services.  For more information please visit

About Zang, Inc.

As the industry’s first all-in-one cloud communications platform and applications-as-a-service, Zang makes it easy to add communications as a natural part of any app or browser experience.   Zang helps developers to easily and quickly build in high quality communications instantly into their apps, allowing companies to dramatically enhance their communications experience internally and externally. With Zang, you can take advantage of the best of the web through the apps services and APIs available today at

Can You Hear It? Connecting With Amazon Echo

Can You Hear It? Connecting With Amazon Echo

Connecting With Amazon Echo

Amazon is invading your home, although not with its cardboard shipping boxes and books.

The e-commerce giant expanded its line of connected home devices on Thursday including a smaller version of its voice-controlled Echo that comes with a virtual assistant that can answer questions, turn on lights, and order items like diapers. The company also debuted a wireless speaker that allows you to play music from your phone and more.

Echo Dot

Similar to the Amazon Echo, Echo Dot is a Wi-Fi-connected, voice-activated personal assistant. The biggest difference with the new model is its small size—it’s about as big as a hockey puck versus a 9.25-inch tall cylinder for the Echo—and that it comes with only a tiny speaker. Instead, users who want high quality sound must connect the device wirelessly to third-party speakers through Bluetooth or through a cord…

Full Article Source: Time

News: Apple And FBI Continue Fight

News: Apple And FBI Continue Fight

Apple Inc and the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation will make their cases before a congressional panel on Tuesday regarding a court order to force the technology company to give the FBI data from the iPhone belonging to one of the San Bernardino shooters.

On Thursday, Apple filed a motion to vacate the court order, maintaining its stance that Apple Chief Executive Tim Cook said he would be willing to take all the way to the Supreme Court.

Apple’s general counsel, Bruce Sewell, will argue Tuesday that creating a tool to unlock the phone would weaken the security of hundreds of millions of Apple devices, according to Sewell’s prepared remarks before the U.S. House of Representatives Judiciary Committee.

Hackers and cyber criminals could use this to wreak havoc on our privacy and personal safety,” he said in those remarks.

Sewell will testify directly after FBI Director James Comey, who told lawmakers last week that creating an unlocking technique would “unlikely to be a trailblazer” for setting a legal precedent and would not be useful for breaking into later generation Apple devices…

Read Full Article: Reuters 

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Update: Timeline of the Massive DDoS DYN Attacks

Update: Timeline of the Massive DDoS DYN Attacks

DYN DDOS Timeline This morning at 7am ET a DDoS attack was launched at Dyn (the site is still down at the minute), an Internet infrastructure company whose headquarters are in New Hampshire. So far the attack has come in 2 waves, the first at 11.10 UTC and the second at around 16.00 UTC. So…

Reuters News: Powerfull DDoS Knocks Out Several Large Scale Websites

Reuters News: Powerfull DDoS Knocks Out Several Large Scale Websites

DDoS Knocks Out Several Websites Cyber attacks targeting the internet infrastructure provider Dyn disrupted service on major sites such as Twitter and Spotify on Friday, mainly affecting users on the U.S. East Coast. It was not immediately clear who was responsible. Officials told Reuters that the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and the Federal Bureau…

A New CCTV Nightmare: Botnets And DDoS attacks

A New CCTV Nightmare: Botnets And DDoS attacks

Botnets and DDoS Attacks There’s just so much that seems as though it could go wrong with closed-circuit television cameras, a.k.a. video surveillance. With an ever-increasing number of digital eyes on the average person at all times, people can hardly be blamed for feeling like they’re one misfortune away from joining the ranks of Don’t…

Key Takeaways From Dyn’s DDoS Attack

Key Takeaways From Dyn’s DDoS Attack

DDoS Attack Takeaways  If you tried to access some of the world’s most popular websites, such as Twitter, Spotify, CNN, Netflix and The New York Times last Friday, you may have run into some trouble. Millions in the U.S. and Europe lost access to much of the internet in the wake of a cyberattack. Hackers…

Cloud Infographic – DDoS attacks, unauthorized access and false alarms

Cloud Infographic – DDoS attacks, unauthorized access and false alarms

DDoS attacks, unauthorized access and false alarms Above DDoS attacks, unauthorized access and false alarms, malware is the most common incident that security teams reported responding to in 2014, according to a recent survey from SANS Institute and late-stage security startup AlienVault. The average cost of a data breach? $3.5 million, or $145 per sensitive…

The Fully Aware, Hybrid-Cloud Approach

The Fully Aware, Hybrid-Cloud Approach

Hybrid-Cloud Approach For over 20 years, organizations have been attempting to secure their networks and protect their data. However, have any of their efforts really improved security? Today we hear journalists and industry experts talk about the erosion of the perimeter. Some say it’s squishy, others say it’s spongy, and yet another claims it crunchy.…

What You Need To Know About Choosing A Cloud Service Provider

What You Need To Know About Choosing A Cloud Service Provider

Selecting The Right Cloud Services Provider How to find the right partner for cloud adoption on an enterprise scale The cloud is capable of delivering many benefits, enabling greater collaboration, business agility, and speed to market. Cloud adoption in the enterprise has been growing fast. Worldwide spending on public cloud services will grow at a…

The Security Gap: What Is Your Core Strength?

The Security Gap: What Is Your Core Strength?

The Security Gap You’re out of your mind if you think blocking access to file sharing services is filling a security gap. You’re out of your mind if you think making people jump through hoops like Citrix and VPNs to get at content is secure. You’re out of your mind if you think putting your…

Achieving Network Security In The IoT

Achieving Network Security In The IoT

Security In The IoT The network security market is experiencing a pressing and transformative change, especially around access control and orchestration. Although it has been mature for decades, the network security market had to transform rapidly with the advent of the BYOD trend and emergence of the cloud, which swept enterprises a few years ago.…

Maintaining Network Performance And Security In Hybrid Cloud Environments

Maintaining Network Performance And Security In Hybrid Cloud Environments

Hybrid Cloud Environments After several years of steady cloud adoption in the enterprise, an interesting trend has emerged: More companies are retaining their existing, on-premise IT infrastructures while also embracing the latest cloud technologies. In fact, IDC predicts markets for such hybrid cloud environments will grow from the over $25 billion global market we saw…

Ending The Great Enterprise Disconnect

Ending The Great Enterprise Disconnect

Five Requirements for Supporting a Connected Workforce It used to be that enterprises dictated how workers spent their day: stuck in a cubicle, tied to an enterprise-mandated computer, an enterprise-mandated desk phone with mysterious buttons, and perhaps an enterprise-mandated mobile phone if they traveled. All that is history. Today, a modern workforce is dictating how…

Three Factors For Choosing Your Long-term Cloud Strategy

Three Factors For Choosing Your Long-term Cloud Strategy

Choosing Your Long-term Cloud Strategy A few weeks ago I visited the global headquarters of a large multi-national company to discuss cloud strategy with the CIO. I arrived 30 minutes early and took a tour of the area where the marketing team showcased their award winning brands. I was impressed by the digital marketing strategy…


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