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BitNami Open Source Cloud Hosting Introduced

BitNami Cloud Hosting Introduced BitNami Cloud Hosting is a new service that will be launched on February 8 after being in private beta for several months, the company announced. At present, the system offers support for Amazon EC2, allowing customers to deploy and manage open source and other applications in the cloud. offers free,

Hosting a WordPress Site In The Cloud

White Paper Of The Week Hosting a WordPress Site In The Cloud For millions of bloggers worldwide, WordPress is the way they express their viewpoints, publish news and expand their blogosphere presence. To see how prolific and popular the free, open-source blogging platform is, one need only look at some of its prestigious blogs including

How to Setup a WordPress blog on Rackspace? Beginner Tutorial

How to Setup WordPress blog on Rackspace: Rackspace is a cloud based web hosting application. You can host your blogs on Rackspace using WordPress, the most used and popular CMS blogging application tool on the market. Some Easy Steps to Follow You need to follow these steps to upload your blog files into the Rackspace

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