Holding a cloud event soon?

Cloud events aim to bring together corporate executives, innovators and business leaders from across the cloud landscape. They generate important news, spark intelligent cloud discussions and create new networking opportunities that will surely open up business and lead the way to shaping the future of cloud computing.

Our team is consistently working hard to bring the most influential cloud events to the spotlight so our esteemed users can get word and purpose to participate. Whether you intend to feature renown cloud experts and leading cloud computing providers, or businesses with interest in cloud computing.

CloudTweaks Live

CloudTweaks Live will start its initial run by offering a collection of one-hour standup and videoconferenced presentations on topics such as “Public versus Private Cloud”, “Cloud Security Basics”, and “BYOD issues and Challenges.”

Develop knowledge and confidence about cloud technology through our live speaking series entitled CloudTweaks Live.

CloudTweaks Live presentations can be delivered in a number of ways:

  • Live onsite keynote-style presentations at your office
  • Live video-conference presentations to your office and/or regional offices
  • Private executive coaching onsite
  • Private executive coaching via phone or Skype

Our goal is, as it always has been, to ensure you stay informed, completely and accurately, about the technologies and techniques used in doing business today.

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